A Meditative Monday

Hello Lovelies!

Today I have been doing a lot of pondering of what I should be posting on the blog today. I feel as if though y'all do not know me that well. Today is going to be a bit of a more personal post and I hope to do more to connect with you readers of "A Southern Life". 

So get to know me better:

My name is Kira.
My most favorite color in the world is Lilly Pulitzer prints. (that counts right? hehe) 

I have lived in the south my entire life, and I have no plans on moving north any time soon. 

I have a little Yorkshire Terrier that weighs four pounds. Her name is Lucy.

At school, I am a straight A student.

I am a huge fitness freak, in fact the majority of the accounts on Instagram I am following are fitness 
(and preppy) accounts. 

I love to travel.

My favorite foods are green juices and ice cream and bread. 

Watermelon is seriously the best fruit ever. 

So now I will leave (actually to go workout), but I made this little picture to show you guys what quote I live my life on. Every  time I read it I feel empowered to just life my life, not caring if I'm different. Every single human is different and we should all embrace that. 

Email me at apairofchicpearls@gmail.com if you have any questions, need motivation in life, or have a suggestion on what to post next. 

Remember, Cathie and I are blogging everyday! 

Love y'all, Kira 


Summertime Essential ~ T-Shirts

Hey Lovelies!
First, I am so sorry for not posting on the days I should be posting, a lot of personal events have happened the past week. But I do have some exciting news, Cathie and I will be starting to post everyday from now on! 

So this post is all about the most loved - and most hated wardrobe essential: the T-shirt. Most t-shirts from school, sports, and other extracurricular activities can be super ugly to wear in public, and the only place to wear them would be to the bed. But, over the past few weeks I have found some super cute t-shirts that I am planning to wear to sailing, to the beach, to a casual outing, and as a piece that is comfortable yet, cute. 

Some of My Recent Purchases:

This Lilly Pulitzer t-shirt came with a purchase of a dress back around the time of the Carolina Cup. Unfortunately, I don't think that it is for sale. 

What sold me on this shirt was the tiny saying on the pocket "Authentic Southern Class". I thought it was perfect for a t-shirt. 

The little bow tie details are the reasons why I decided to purchase this lovely tee

Not only is this shirt cute, its so soft and cozy. I can't wait to pair it with leggings and Jacks and my VV Shepshirt to travel on a plane soon! Also in the future I hope to monogram it.

Have a lovely day!
~ Kira 


Summer Hair Don't Care

Hey there!
Hair becomes the most unmanageable during the summer time with the humidity, heat, sun, and so much more. Today I would like to share with y'all my favorite things to do with my hair during the summer. 

During the summer my favorite way to style my hair is just to leave it natural. Whether natural for you means fresh out of the shower or straight from the beach, leaving your hair in its natural texture let's it restore its natural shine and keeps it healthy. 

After spending the day at the beach or the pool, or just to deep was your hair, my favorite way to clean my hair after a long summer day is to use a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioner. 

Using creaseless hair ties is my favorite way to throw my hair into a ponytail or a messy bun. Since my hair is so fine these hairbands are a great way not to pull or strain my hair. 
(I couldn't find them online, but I got them in a "Francesca's" store) 

I absolutely love hats. Not only do they protect my sensitive blue eyes, but the also make a great fashion statement. Here are just a few of my favorites that I have. I also got the floppy hat monogrammed. 

Stay tuned my dears. I apologize that this went up so late. This is Cathie's week to post. 
See y'all later!

XOXO, Kira 


A Year to Remember ~ Outfit of the Day

Hello Belles,
Today was the official end of Cathie and I's school year. Although having an awards ceremony was a very happy experience, it also triggered some tears: both out of excitement and sadness. Many of the people we have gone to school with for a while are moving on to new adventures in their lives, including some very dear friends. 

Anyway, today I dressed knowing it could be an emotional day at the ceremony and not to mention that the weather is a bit dreary. Today's outfit had a classy, yet bright color scheme.

I have recently rediscovered these adorable green shoes. They bring out the green in my dress. (a similar style can be found here)

As always I wore my favorite Michael Kors watch. This time though I kept my wrist candy very simple  and decided that bracelets would take away from the beauty of my dress. 

Every preppy girl needs a pair of pearls. This necklace makes all of my outfits sophisticated and put-together. 

Lastly, my dress is the Lilly Pulitzer "Delia" dress in the print "Let's ChaCha". I absolutely love the neon colors and the classic Lilly-looking print.

See y'all friday!
Love, Kira 

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