ChocoBanana Smoothie


I love experimenting with smoothies in the kitchen. There are endless combinations! 

The ChocoBanana Smoothie is one I have recently created in my many after school snack endeavors. It is light enough to pass me over until dinner or my workout session. Shall we start? I must warn you, this is better than any milkshake.

You will need: (for a one person serving)
 1. Half of a banana
2. One scoop of any chocolate protein powder 
3. Half of a cup of almond milk
** 4. Optional: Crushed ice

Blend with a blending stick or blender and enjoy! 

Want so see more healthy recipes? Let me know! 

xx, Kira 


Talking It Out

Wow, what a week so far. The only way I could describe it would be crazy, hectic, and never stopping.

This week so far has been crazy and nonstop. Here is the quote I lived by. And please look at my Twitter, I have a current obsession with lavender. 

On Sunday, I spent the morning catching up on some homework and piano. And in the afternoon, I celebrated my late birthday with a few of my closest friends. I will share my experience on that very soon. For the rest of Sunday, I went to Target, ate a lovely salad, watched (sort of) Ben Hur, and went to sleep at ten. 

Monday was a big day for me. It started as a wonderful day off from school for a teacher work day. I mentioned on Twitter that I would be taking the written part of the driving test to get my learners permit. I had been studying like crazy for months the driving manual and been doing exam questions from the app every night. I was so totally and completely ready. However, thanks to my MAJOR test anxiety; I did not end up passing the written part of my drivers exam. I cried from anger because I was so OCD while taking the test and I knew I was ready. God wanted to give me another chance. My daddy took me to Starbucks and there we sat for a good hour talking about my dream for after high school over my skinny vanilla latte and pumpkin cooke. (NOT what I eat on a daily basis) I had some retail therapy, but only came out with a comfy shirt from Patagonia and a pair of socks for my future Bean Boots. I went home and played the piano, did last minute homework, and killed my workout (bam bam). I ate and went to sleep.

Yesterday, I went to school and took my French quiz and watched ice melt in physical sciences and learned about triangles in geometry. woo. My mother dearest picked me up at lunch and took me back to the DMV. I was so mentally prepared for this driving exam this time you have no earthly idea. Hard work + determination = success. I passed my exam! Hooray!! I spent the rest of the afternoon driving with my mama and practicing my three-point-turns. I had my piano lesson, which went really well and I came home and completed my homework. Lastly I went for my first drive at night. I took a shower and went to sleep peacefully. 

Have a lovely Wednesday! 

xx, Kira 


First Wear ~ J. Crew Tilda Top

Not even kidding, I had been hunting down the J. Crew Tilda Top for months. And suddenly, it just disappeared. I was so upset, but I had heard about the dupe of it from Kohls. Disappointment greeted me when the top looked absolutely horrible on me. So then I decided than I would never lay eyes on the Tilda top again.

I spoke too soon and two months later I am a proud owner of the Tilda top -- and at 60% off. I was shopping at J. Crew last week and and saw that the price was amazing. So of course, I snatched it up. I am absolutely in love. 

I styled her for the first time today. 

TOP // SWEATER // belt - vintage // NECKLACE  - similar 

My Calvin Klein riding boots are a staple for the fall and winter. 

Also, I wanted to share with you my new frames. I am head over heels for them. (TORY BURCH)

Hope you have a fabulous day! 

xx, Kira 


What I Wore ~ Homecoming

I go to a school specifically for the arts, and there I major in piano. If you are not already catching my drift then let me just put it this way, there is not football team. So typically one would assume that means no homecoming right? wrong. 

My school had a dance on Saturday that included the jazz band playing swing music all night long. It was just the best time because we weren't subjected to trashy rap dance numbers. Instead there was almost a 50s atmosphere about the event. 

Any occasion requires a cute outfit, here is my night of Jump Jive and Wail in pictures. 

Remember Cathie? She looked super super cute in her gold polka dot dress! 

This is one of my really good friends, her name is Chloe. She looked amazing in her Lilly Pulitzer Sherlynn dress. Her hair was in classy braids and completed her look along with gold flats. 

Simple navy kitten heels completed my printed dress. 

I had my hair pulled back into a bun so that the main focus would be on my Lilly Pulitzer Briella dress. I just loved the print it was so colorful yet perfect for fall! 

Have a lovely day! 

xx, Kira 


Liebster Award

The amount of kindness that there is in the blogging community is just amazing. This morning I was casually scrolling through my inbox and I came across something that just made my entire day amazing. 

Thank you so much Lauren from A Touch of Southern Grace for nominating me for the Liebster award!! This award is a fun way to show support to blogs that have under 200 followers, this way they can be exposed to new audiences. 

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link them back. {{Lauren}}
2. Answer the eleven questions that the blogger who nominated you gave.
3. Nominate eleven bloggers who have under 200 followers and give them eleven different questions to answer. 

Answering Lauren's Questions 

1. Who inspired you to first start blogging? 
Rachel Timmerman from http://www.apreppystateofmind.com was the first blog I ever started following daily. Her posts are just so cute and classy that I absolutely had to start one of my own. 

2. What is your favorite children's book?
The book "Good Night Moon" was basically the story I read every night with my mama. 

3. What are some of your hobbies? 
When I'm not bogged down with homework I enjoy running, lifting, blogging, shopping, Pinterest, looking for new healthy recipes, walking on the beach, taking pictures, and being with my friends.

4. What are three random facts about yourself? 
I have been to over 30 countries. My left hand is bigger than my right because of the medicine I received when I severely broke my left arm. I secretly wish to become an 80/10/10 raw vegan. 

5. What is your favorite blog post you have written thus far? 
My thoughts on Balance or my very first post because I have changed so much since then. 

6. What are your top three favorite stores? 
J. Crew (and Factory), Anthropologie, and Lilly Pulitzer hands down, no questions asked.

7. What is your favorite monogrammed item? 
My Mountain Hardware backpack. It is light blue with orange accents so I decided to monogram it orange. It is really bright and cheery. 

8. How would you describe your style? 
I would describe my style as preppy, classic, simple, elegant (lol), girly, and classy.

9. What is your favorite color? 

10. Who are your favorite bloggers? 

11. What is a current goal of yours? 
Complete my Autumn Bucket List 

For this award I nominate ... 
2. Katie from http://www.classicwithatwist.me
3. Jess from http://www.jesslyons.com
4. http://www.sugarsnappearls.com
5. Cara from http://southern-and-savvy.blogspot.com
6. http://girlwithalatte.blogspot.com
I will search for more blogs but so far these are the only ones I follow and I will update this for sure!

My questions: 
1. What is your blogging inspiration?
2. What do you love to do besides blogging?
3. What are your three biggest fashion pet peeves?
4. How would you describe your style?
5. It is a perfect Saturday night. What are you doing?
6. Most exotic endeavor on your bucket list?
7. What is the quote you live your life upon?
8. Favorite superhero?
9. Croissants or danishes?
10. Can you speak another language? If you can ... which one? If not which one do you wish to speak?
11. Three random facts about yourself?


Best Pandora Stations

Pandora is the only thing keeps my life on track. 

I am not one of those people who rock their headphones in public. One, I find it extremely rude when I am trying to talk to someone and they are listening to music out of one earbud. I do not want to be that person, I want to be social and give whoever I am talking to my divided attention. Two, music is something that I like to enjoy by myself. Whether I am reading, taking a shower, doing homework, or just relaxing I love to fully understand and get lost in the music I am listening. 

Pandora is great because I love not knowing what coming next and also it's free. Thousands of amazing titles for free. How amazing

I listen to over 50 stations and here I have narrowed it down to my FIVE favorites. 

Lorde // I can easily say that the Lorde station is my most listened to hands down. The electronic and modern ways the music is presented is just flawless. I listen to Lorde while doing homework, it is quiet enough so that I don't get distracted yet the beat keeps me going. 

Michael Buble // If I could give any one person an award for their voice it would be Michael Buble. I love his twists on classic Jazz songs because it is so happy and upbeat. This is perfect for first thing in the morning while getting dressed. 

Sleep // I like to listen to music while I am falling asleep or readign before bed. This sleep music is modern pop songs like "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz. Very slow and calming. 

Yoga // For other nights when I am trying to fall asleep, I listen to this yoga Pandora station. This station includes sounds from nature and traditional yogic rhythms. 

Classic Rock Power Workout // This one station is what gets my through those runs when my trainer isn't there to motivate me. I love this station because it is very aggressive and pushes me harder. It is perfect for working out while you are by yourself because it is like a trainer that sings encouragement. 

What are some of your favorite stations on Pandora? 

xx, Kira 


My Fifteenth Birthday

Today I would like to celebrate with my worldwide blog audience my fifteenth birthday. I was born on Friday, October 16, 1998 at 8:57. 

I am so excited to share my day with my friends and family because I am so thankful for all of  what they do. Next year is my golden year, I will be sixteen on the sixteenth of October. Here are fifteen things I would like to accomplish. 

Have a lovely day! 

xx, Kira 


Nighttime Routine

I would first like to say I am so sorry about this post! I had it schduled for 12:00 this morning but something went wrong!

A few week ago I shared my morning routine and I thought that now would be an appropriate time for an after school / night routine. Again, like when I get up in the morning, my after school schedule is spot on with the timing. Everything must be just so because my afternoons are crazy!

Every day I get home from school around 4:15 and then this is how my evenings are divided...

HOMEWORK // On a good day I can complete all of my homework in an hour. Homework does not really bother me because it drills the information I have already learned that day into my head. Pretty painless for me. I do my homework from 4:30 until 5:30. 

WORKOUT // I workout from 6:15 to 7:00 every single day. Even though it only lasts for 45 minutes, I am super sore and super sweaty afterwards. I love it. Sometime in the future I will share what I do. 

PIANO // After I come home from workout I eat dinner super quickly. Then it's off to play the piano I go. I have had a love/hate relationship with piano in the past. Now I am starting to love it again. I really hate drilling and learning new pieces, but the outcome is so worth it. Piano is a big part of my life, I go to a school specifically for piano. Everyday I play the piano from 8:00-9:00.

After 9:00 I turn off all of my electronics and place them in the charger for the next day. 

SHOWER // I know weird right, I have a picture completely devoted to showering? Well, when I shower I can conjugicate my verbs for French, reflect on my day, and plan for the next day. Showering gets me thinking. After I shower I wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I proceed to make my lunch. This step saves a lot of time in the morning. 

BEDTIME // Sometimes I read, sometimes I listen to relaxing music, or sometimes I write in a journal with a cup of tea. It all depend on the day and what I need to do to calm my self down. And on a really good day, it is lights out around 9:30. But everyday I go to bed at 10:00. Having a full eight hours of sleep really does make a difference for the next day. 

Have a lovely day! 

xx, Kira 

ps. Do you have any suggestions? Email me or leave me a comment. 


How To ~ Be a Morning Person

Happy Monday!! 

Mondays are not so bad. They signal a start of a fresh and new week full of new experiences and opportunities. The only problem? The alarm going off at 6:00.

Last week I talked about some of my favorite quotes to motivate me through out the week. Today I would like to share with you five of my favorite ways to wake myself up in the morning and prepare for a great day every day.

SKIP THE SNOOZE // Challenging right? Somedays I even allow myself to hit my snooze button not once, but TWICE. Getting up right when your alarm first goes on and skipping the snooze button will make you feel less groggy and more refreshed. But first start with actually leaving the bed. 

LIGHT WORKOUT // Wake up not only your mind, but also your muscles in the morning. Try a few pushups or sit-ups or even simply doing the downward facing dog to wake up every cell in your body. 

ENERGIZE YOUR DAY // Starting my day off with happy and upbeat music really makes me happy. I automatically feel more awake and rested. My favorite music source is Pandora. 

GET DRESSED UP // One of the main reasons I dress so fancy for school is because it makes me feel put together and less "I still wish I was sleeping". I tend to stay more focused during school when I am am forced to keep my two feet flat on the ground while wearing a skirt or dress. 

BREAKFAST // NEVER EVER SKIP BREAKFAST. Breakfast is the meal that keeps you going through out your day. It creates instant energy. Have some coffee or tea for extra caffeine in the morning. 

xx, Kira



Wish List Wednesday -- #ProjectDaintyDesk Edition

I started the series "Project Dainty Desk" last week and from then, I have been really searching hardly for some new desk pieces.  It has been just so much fun discovering many posh boutiques and retailers for super cute room designs. One of my favorites has been The Bella Cottage

Today, I would like to share with you some of the bigger pieces that I have found to go with my new project. 


Keep looking for more #ProjectDaintyDesk posts in the very near future! 

xx, Kira 


Rainy Day Essentials -- Part I

Recently here in the south, the weather has been terrible. I think it is getting better though. All summer it rained and rained and rained. That was fine by me then because I did not have anywhere to go, but now that school is back, there is nothing I would love more than to return to the nice cozy hollow of my sheets and watch movies all day. 

Here are some of the most important essentials for me when I go out and it is raining. 

Boots // When it comes to rain boots, I have a little bit of a control issue. I want to buy them all. Recently I took a trip to Nordstrom and discovered my beautiful Kate Spade rain boots. Best of all? They were 50% off!! They are so fun and they have a heel. Perfect? Absolutely.

Rain Jacket // This was another recent purchase for the gloomy weather. I love the bright color, it makes me really happy to look at. 

Tea // Tea is perfect for a rainy day. It is warm and when it is help close in my hands it is an amazing hand warmer.

What would you like to see next? 

xx, Kira 


Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! 

I love quotes. 

I believe that reading quotes really helps to stimulate my mind to not be lazy and to actually want to keep working non stop. I love this feeling. It makes me feel like I can conquer the entire world. 

The majority of my photos on my camera roll on my phone are quotes. I have all kind of them to keep me supercharged through out my day. I have quotes about a better life, about self believing, fitness motivation, and many many more. My most favorite thing is scrolling through some of my favorite blogs and social networks and saving a bunch of quotes to use as my wallpaper. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Self believing is very very important. Nothing can be accomplished without your undivided attention. 

You are only living this day once. Make it count. Make every day an AMAZING day. 

Perfection is in this quote. This is what inspires me through out my day. Nothing can be left unfinished. Why do a poor job lots and lots of time when you could do a fantastic job once. 

Here's to the dreamers ... like me. 

Make the most of your day today. Today is the ONLY October 7th 2013 ever. Make it count. 

What are some of your favorite quotes? 

xx, Kira



Introduction to #ProjectDaintyDesk

Having a clean and organized desk is one thing, but having a clean and organized AND cute desk is completely different. My fall project this year is to completely rearrange my desk to make it more appropriate for my age and for my little pleasure. 

My desk is not only where I do my homework, but it is also where my computer for blogging is. It is nice to have a clean and eye catching space to do efficient work. I tend to find that having a cluttered desk is distracting. I will frequently update you readers how the project is coming along and eventually show the end product. 

I was on Rachel's blog recently and have completely fallen head over heels with her desk decor ideas. Yesterday, I saw the Kate Spade collection from Swoozies on her blog and I HAD to check it out. 
Let's get started ... 

Have a lovely weekend, see you Monday! 

xx, Kira 

ps. I have been tweaking the blog template a little bit. What do you think? Email me your thought at apairofchicpearls@gmail.com .


Wish List Wednesday ... Birthday Edition!

Happy October Loves!

October is one of the best months of the year. School is starting to seem like a reality and summer is close in a weird sort of way. The weather becomes cooler. Best of all? My birthday is the 16th! 

Today is not a normal "Wish List Wednesday", but I would like to share with you my wishes for my fifteenth birthday! 

What is on your wish list? 

Email me at  apairofchicpearls@gmail.com  for suggestions! 

xx, Kira 


Tuesday Ten -- Favorite Fashion Trends

Another reason I adore fashion is because of the different trends that are constantly changing. I have a pretty classic sense of style so I don't follow a whole lot of fashion trends (I don't follow crop tops, circle skirts, and triangles) but there are a few that are so classic and simple and I try to incorporate them in my personal style. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

1. Big scarves and pea coats 

2. Embellished Sweaters 

3. Arm Candy // Particularly MK Watches 

4. Working boots with skirts

5. Scarves and pea coats and boots

6. Oxfords

7. Collared shirts layered with sweaters 

8. Vests (super warm AND super cute)

 9. Elbow patches (like Carly)

 10. Statement Jewelry (like Rachel)

What are some of your favorite trends? 

xx, Kira 

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