Thankful ...

Today I am thankful for many things. To name a few: my health, my family, my friends, my talents and most importantly, I am thankful that God has blessed me with such an amazing life. I am so excited to go out and live my life every single day because I know that even with struggles, each day is a new gift; that's why it's called the present. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I truly appreciate each and every, comment, email and view that I receive because of this blog. When I type every single one of my posts, I really feel as if I am talking to my girl friends at school. I know as if though through some cyber connection, that we would all be really great friends. Because of the emails you send me and the comments you leave me and the views you give me, I know that at least somebody is truly appreciating my hard work that I pour into my blog. I want to give my viewers nothing but the best posts and pictures in return. I know that I have just started my journey in the blogging world. 

Now ... what would you like to see more of? Don't be shy. Tell me. I love love love to interact with my viewers. Or should I say friends. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

xoxo, Kira 


Travel Tips and Tricks

Thanksgiving Break!! 

Traveling is my forte. I have had so much experience these last ten years of my life, that when it comes to traveling I am so very prepared. I have gone out of the country more than six times and have visited over thirty countries al over the globe. It is what my family and I love to do when we have time off, also traveling to all of these places really helps me with my school work. But traveling isn't as easy as just jumping on the plane and arriving to your destination. Going through security is a major hassle, airports come with their many downfalls and let us not even forget the actual plane ride.

Today I am leaving at 11:50 from the Charlotte, NC airport (no I don't live there) and taking a lovely plane up to the northeast. I am so excited. There will be snow on the ground!! I haven't seen snow in almost seven years! This domestic flight will be a walk in the ball park with these few tips that I have acquired over my years of traveling.  

Style // Plane style is super annoying. It is very hard to look cute and travel. I know. So my choice for traveling would be something comfortable, yet very warm and snuggly. I love wearing leggings they are so amazing yet they look cute. For a more put together look I opt for jeggins or very soft jeans. As for shirt, one simple rule to follow : NO BUTTON DOWNS. Button downs are unconfortable and are very prone to wrinkles. I love sweatshirts (like this one) to travel in. Ones from J. Crew are oh so adorable and oh so comfortable. As for shoes, I reccomend ones that are easy to slip on and off. 

I carry all of my onboard essentials in a large Le Pilage bag -- so cute and so spacious. 

Read // I know it is hard to read on planes. I often read in airports with music in my headphones. Right now I am reading The Lovely Bones. Have you read it? What do you think?

Nourish //  Plane rule number one for nourishing your body in the dry and cold climate : ALWAYS HAVE WATER. Water is very essential for keeping your skin from drying out in the climate. Also, I always have hand sanitizer, lotion and Chapstick on hand  to keep my skin plump and moist. Try wearing little to no face makeup when traveling, it helps the retain moisture as well. Water also helps to prevent you from excess snacking. I always stay away from the fat and grease filled options there are in most airports. If I do eat: in the airports I will go for a tall skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks, or I will chow down on a cookie dough Zone perfect bar. This bar tastes like cookie dough. Not even going to lie. I eat less in airports because I know there will be amazing food at my destination. 

Entertain // Books. Music. Movies. iPad. Instagram. Blog. iPhone. Need I say more? 

If you are traveling for Thanksgiving have very safe travels! 

Have any more suggestions, questions or comments for traveling? Put the in the comments below! 

Suggestions for future blog posts? Email me at apairofchicpearls@gmail.com

xx, Kira 


Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I made it! Today is the last day before Thanksgiving break! 

Last week I received an email from a very sweet viewer. She said that she would love to see some Thanksgiving outfit ideas. I was so excited to hear this because I was already planning to do so! Over the weekend I was going to choose some of my outfits and take pictures, but unfortunately time ran out when it started to rain and I had yet another piano concert to play in.

Enough with the excuses, I finally caved. I made the following outfit ideas on Polyvore, and let's just say this : I AM OBSESSED. I will most certainly be using Polyvore very often. 

Outfit I: Casual

Outfit II: Upscale Casual

Outfit III: Dressy 

Which outfit would you most likely to be wearing? I bet that I will be wearing an outfit similar to the first one. My family is super casual at Thanksgiving so I might even end up wearing yoga pants and a sweat shirt. I hope you enjoyed my first use of Polyvore. Let me know if you have a one in the comments below!

Please email me at apairofchicpearls@gmail.com for future recommendations, comments, collaboration ideas or if you just want to talk. I love hearing from you! 

xoxo Kira 


Motivation Monday + My Weekend in Pictures

Welcome to Monday! 

Wow, I can't believe that last Monday I was preparing for a week of many quizzes and tests. Last week was a crazy week filled with jam packed days of notes, sick days (I did not skip any school), and many long nights of studying (long for me is until 10, I'm a baby I know). This week; however, is only two days and most of my teachers understand that these last two days are where our brains start to become inactive. 

This week I would like to stress the importance of loving yourself. I know, I know - It's very hard to love yourself after devouring almost a whole box of cookies and turning to view your profile in the mirror, or feeling the lack of productiveness after spending more than two hours on Instagram. But never fear, it's completely normal and human to make these kinds of mistakes. Last week, I was sick for the greater part of the week, this caused me to feel very under the weather and I could not work out. I couldn't work out the week before because I had a minor surgery. Presumably, my very strict eating guidelines began to loosen, as I ate ice cream (actually frozen yogurt) every night and I didn't control my portion sizes like normally. But I can rise from this tragic mind and state of fitness fall. I feel a whole lot better. Saturday I went to training and kicked butt and Sunday I went to a spin class with my mom. Working out really helps me to get on track. And now that my workouts for the week are set, I am working to get my eating habits back to tip-top shape. Frankly, I feel much better and much happier. 

Here are a few words that helped me through this phase of my life ... 


This weekend was a great one. I got some things together last minute and I finally had some time to relax and put up some Christmas decorations around my room! 

On Friday, I found the most perfect quote from Jackie Kennedy. 

This was my workout from Saturday, and not to mention the workout that I did for the first time in a week. It was a tough one, but I survived and I am here telling the tale. 

This is my science project that I worked on all of Saturday morning. I was so happy with the result. My teacher is planning on putting these tiles in her ceiling to make a periodic table. I am so excited to see what it looks like! Please excuse the totally fabulous outfit I have on, I still had not changed from my workout.

These are just half of the lemons that my mama and I picked from out garden. I cant wait to make a pie or some nice detox water. 

Sunday morning consisted of downing a liter and a half of water during a tough spin class. I felt so clean and refreshed afterwards. 

After another  piano concert on Sunday, my family and I went out to dinner. It was so lovely to spend time with my mom and my dad after a long week of hustle and bustle. After dinner, my daddy and I took a trip to Starbucks. 

Have a happy Monday! 

xoxo, Kira 


Whimsical Weekend ~ Autumn Bucket List End

When autumn first started I thought to myself something along the lines of: Wow! Freshman year is so easy! I am going to have so much free time it's going to be absolutely great and I am going to get to see my friends a lot. This fall I can do so much with my free time. The weather is beautiful, so let's have lots and lots of fun. ha. 

Well, with many weekends of homework and studying, and weekdays of either rainy or super hot, I would love to go back and tell that little newbie freshman what was going to happen in the next few months. Grades, schoolwork, tests, quizzes and more schoolwork is where my life has been for the last few months. And not to mention the constant commitment of working out every day after school. 

So this is my as promised final synopsis of the end of my bucket list: 

If you can't already tell, I am a very analytical thinker. I love to check things off, cross them out, and circle. The ones that are crossed out mean that they are not currently going to be out of season for winter. The circled ones are ones that I want to complete in the winter bucket list. Finally, I have checked some off. Yay! 

I originally really wanted to complete this entire bucket list. I am sad I didn't, but I know there will be a time and a place fore everything. I am still figuring out freshman year. Yes, my butt is being totally kicked right now. There is one word I would like to leave you to ponder this weekend:

T I M E 

xoxo, Kira 


Sick Day Essentials

Well I knew it. I am a frequent hand washer, water drinker, and expert sanitizer. However, nothing protects me from the evils of high school and over half of the population sniffling with the cold. I have the cold not. I feel so helpless and small. Its just a cold one might say. Yeah, I know, I never get sick like ever. #thestruggleisreal

When I go to sleep at night, I wear a giant night guard AND a retainer. Sometimes having these two giant contraptions in my mouth causes me to sleep with my mouth open. I felt a sore throat on Tuesday and thought nothing of it. However yesterday, I woke up at 3 am and almost suffocated because I could not breathe through my nose. So Wednesday was horrible, absolutely horrible. It was cold and cloudy and I was sick. I put together the laziest outfit of jeans, a big comfy shirt, and a big scarf. oh, not to mention the black and super warm peacoat. I drank about three bottles of water an downed about a whole bag of cough drops. To say the least, I survived. 

This is how I survived. 

And the Mountains Echoed // This is the book I am currently reading, I haven't really gotten that far into it but what from I have read, it is so amazing and very well written. I got home from school and immediately dove in. 

Smart Wool Socks // Amazing. My feet are always cold and I have just bought these socks recently. I sat by the fire and snuggled with these warmies and my book. 

Tea and Honey // What am amazing combination this is, especially on a super sore throat. And but of course, it's organic. #whatelse

HALLS BREEZERS // I LITERALLY SURVIVED ON THESE ALL DAY. THANK YOU HALLS COMPANY. Okay. Wow. But before school today I was dying because my throat was so freaking sore so I stopped at my local CVS. I hate the honey lemon kind so I was on the look out for another kind, I stumbled upon these and my throat has been happy with me ever since. Now if only these were candy, not cough drops. 

Pandora // I have mentioned before that Pandora is my favorite escape ever. I have found some new stations that I am totally crazy for. Yesterday, I listened to a lot of Lindsey Stirling Radio and French Cafe Radio. Both of these stations are easy listening and really made me relaxed and calm.

Sick at home attire? leggings. mens pullover. bun. socks. glasses. blankets. tea.

Hope you are doing very well. Thanksgiving is in a week!! Any special blog posts ideas? 

xoxo, Kira 


What I Wore ~ French Film

Yesterday, I talked about what I did over the weekend. But did I mention what I wore? It has been so hot here in the Southeast, like last week it was in the low 50s but Sunday was super hot like in the low 70s. That is way too warm for fall!! Recently I bought a romper that I was going to wear during the spring and summer, but I decided that there would be no other perfect time than to wear it to the French movie I saw.

By the way, I look all of these pictures with my iPhone 5s. The camera is amazing!! 

ROMPER // SCARF (vintage)

OXFORDS // SOCKS (vintage)

This outfit is really different from others that I have worn. I like it because it is still classy, but very vintage looking. I almost feel like I should be walking along the streets of New York in the 1930s. A little bowl hat would totally complete the look. 

xoxo, Kira

PS - Yes, I have stitches and a Steri-strip on my face. I shall explain later. Actually before school today I am getting all of that removed. 


Motivation Monday + My Weekend in Pictures.

Happy Monday Beauties! 
(I am experimenting with new spacing in this post. comments?) 

I am so incredibly sorry for the lack of posts last week. The only word I can use to describe the past week would have to be: HECTIC. I had so much homework, many tests, and an upcoming piano concert to prepare for. This past weekend has been amazing. I completed all of my homework on Friday night and I spent the rest of the weekend doing things that I love.

On Saturday, I worked out for the first time in a very long while. (I'll explain in a late blog post) It was so hard to get back in the swing of working out but after I was complete: it was the most amazing feeling ever. I played my piano for a little while and got dressed and showered and then I went downtown with my family. We had a lovely lunch.

Then I browsed at J. Crew and Anthropologie to look for some new denim. Can you believe that I came out empty handed? The demin is always too short in stores so I knew that I had to buy online. Problem? Anthro was way out of my price range. J. Crew fit me perfectly in the hips ... too short AND they do not sell talls in 24s. ugh 

But I did buy a new phone case at Anthropologie for my new, beautiful iPhone 5s!!! It was originally $28 dollars but as I was browsing the sale room (aka the room of magical wonders) I fount it to be only $7! I had to buy it. No questions asked.


On Sunday, I slept in until 10:00. It was blissful. I spent the morning eating a beautiful granola breakfast and playing some more piano. Then I met Cathie (remember her?) at Starbucks before going to see a movie in French. This was the best extra credit assignment ever!

I got a skinny vanilla latte and a petit vanilla scone.

I hope you have a lovely Monday and a lovely week. Work hard this week! Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are right around the corner and there will be plenty (of blog posts [and]) time to relax. 

xoxo Kira

I have a piano concert tonight!! I will write about it sometime this week. I know all of my hard work will pay off. 


First Wear ~ Lilly Pulitzer Maria Boatneck Sweater

I really love showing you how I style items on my first wear. Last time I showed you how I styled my J. Crew Tilda Top.

On Sunday, I wore my Maria Sweater from Lilly Pulitzer. I have to say I am in love. It is so soft it almost feels like a sweatshirt. And most importantly, the neck is oh so flattering. 

SWEATER // JEANS (similar) // BELT // FRAMES (similar) 


My necklace is from a local store and my Tiffany is one that is featured in most of my other outfit posts. 
I wore a lipstain. I really think I liked it.  

Have a lovely Tuesday! 

xx, Kira 


Motivation Monday

Happy Monday Loves!

Last week was probably one of the toughest weeks that I have had all year. Even though it way hard, I am so ready to face the new challenges this week presents. I have compiled a few quotes from the weeks past from my Pinterest  that I am absolutely loving and living by. 

This is the most perfect quote to start Monday off with. 

I am obsessed with all things having to do with being zen. I really love yogic teachings and lessons to learn and live by. 

Is there any other words of description? MAKE THIS WEEK YOUR BEST WEEK SO FAR. 

Although, life does come with its stresses, Carly emphasizes the point of slowing down to enjoy life. 

And lastly, who will you inspire today? 

Happy Monday! Go make this week amazing.

xx, Kira 


Healthy and Delicious ~ Pumpkin Seeds

This might have helped if I put this up closer to Halloween, but what can I say; better late than never.

On Halloween, after I carved my pumpkin I came up with the most delicious way to prepare pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a superfood. They contain high contents of protein and good fats, not to mention that they are very low in calories. I really enjoy leaving the seeds out in a pretty container with a spoon. That way I can easily have a quick snack and it is still not breaking my healthy lifestyle. 


* Seeds from one pumpkin
* 2 tsp of butter (optional) 
* a pinch of salt 
* spices (rosemary, oregano,and thyme are good ones)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 

Bake your seeds for 45 minutes until golden. Make sure you stir them every 10 minutes, that way they won't burn.

Have a lovely Tuesday! 

xx, Kira 


Organizing November

Do you ever go through those phases in your life when you are so happy because your life is completely organized and everything is in place? Heavens, I am NOWHERE near that right now. 

I am the type of person where everything is organized and perfectly in place. Except the last few weeks have been completely and utterly crazy. I am having so much trouble keeping my clothes off the floor! This November I will do a post every Monday about organizing because I am really lacking inspiration. I need to get my room cleaned and everything else in my life clean all the way down to what app is where on my phone. 

Every weekend I devote some of my time to cleaning my room. Monday it stays clean. But after Tuesday, there are clothes, books, and other objects sprawled all over the floor. Help! 

These items are some of the major things that are unorganized at the moment. But as you know, one thing can lead to another and pretty soon I will be doing some extreme organizing. 

Can you say fall cleaning? 

What are some of your tips to stay organized? 

xx, Kira 

PS. I will be unveiling my Instagram name soon! 

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