I hope you had a wonderful week, as it is Friday! This week for me was pretty chill for me Monday was a normal day at school, Tuesday I had a half day because of the snow storm and Wednesday and Thursday I had snow days to just relax and unwind. Tonight, I am hanging out with two very good friends, going bowling and having a girls dinner at a local organic restaurant. 

Because of my two snow days, I have spent a lot of time on my computer; whether it be looking on the web or updating the layout of the blog. I have never truly been happy with the layout of the blog. I just changed the template recently to make it more simple and less busy. What do you think of it so far?

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in LA ::
Emily Shuman is my inspiration; her blog, her house and her style. Let's just clear up that it is safe to say that she is perfection. But yesterday morning when I was laying in bed, I came across this post in nearly died of lack of cookies. I read this post on her blog at least ten times trying to decide which one would be my favorite. I think this weekend I am going to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, they are my weakness. This really made me want to visit LA.

Panorama of Paris ::
As you know, I have an obsession with Paris. But now I worry about my self. The obsession has become real: I have gotten two pictures of the Eiffel Tower for my new bedroom, bought a baguette from Whole Foods and am reading Lunch in Paris extremely slowly to savor each and every moment of the delicious tale. But now, things get real. I was searching for yet another picture of Paris to put into my room when I came across this beautiful panorama. I can just remember each second of Paris, not truly appreciating the beauty. When I do my homework or read now, I like to play this panorama with some light French music to ease my desire.

#TFIOS Trailer ::
I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE. The Fault in Our Stars is my all time favorite book, and this June it is going to be transformed into a life changing movie. I watched the trailer and got chills up my spine.

What have you been loving this week? I hope that you have a great weekend, see you Monday!

xo, Kira

ps. woo! I had a post everyday this week!



I guess you could say that yesterday was a great day, I woke up at around 9 o'clock to find a beautiful white blanket of snow covering my yard. I had a very warm cup of tea and cinnamon bread while watching a movie with my parents. Then in the afternoon I watched two episodes of PLL, played in the snow with my puppy, played the piano and went over to a neighborhood friend's house for a sleepover. great day.

My life is complete. Because of the icy conditions yesterday snow brought, school is cancelled again for today! 

Today will be just as great. When I get home from the sleepover, I plan on not moving from my bed all day: tea in my mug and a book in my hand. 

What do you like to do on your snow days?

xo Kira 

ps. I've updated the blog a bit. What do you think? 


Playlist No. 1

Okay before I start this post there is a very important message that I need to convey. Ready?
today. is. a. snow. day. I live in the south and the last time we had a snow day was almost four years ago. Today it is supposed to snow here and only be a high in the 30s. That is saying a lot for us southerners, I am so excited! I finished all of my homework for the next three days last night so that way I can have a free day of relaxation and cuddling under the covers in my new bed

I absolutely love music. It is such a nice way to pass the time when reading, showering, doing homework or just relaxing. I listen to all kinds of music. Today I am going to share with you my playlist that I use when I am doing homework. I worked on my school work for almost six hours yesterday (we got out at noon) because I wanted to have no work to do on my snow day. Music truly helped me when I was giving up. While I am doing homework along the lines of "busy work" I like to have music that is happy, upbeat and will keep my thoughts positive. I put my headphones on turn the volume up and away into concentration I go. Not going to lie, sometimes I get yelled at for singing way to loud. oops. 

While doing homework I listen to very bass heavy and strong electronic vibration music. 

Do you have any playlists or Pandora station suggestions? I would looove to hear. 

xo Kira 

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Fox Trot (feat. C. Wonder)

This past weekend I did a little bit of light shopping downtown. I purchased some pretty exciting, yet small clothing items and some pretty things for my room. The main highlight of my trip downtown is summed up in one word: C. Wonder. I have been in that store about three times; always in a rush. But this time I had a mission: Bee Happy Smoking slipper. I went in that store with full intentions of coming out with these adorable flats after seeing them on Carly's blog. I hurried in to try them on: the nine was to small, and the nine and a half were too big. I literally cried in the store because I wanted them so badly. 

After my sad experience I happily bought a sweater and a super cute pair of shoes that were both half off. Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel about these super adorable smoker slippers. 

VEST :: J. Crew
OXFORD :: Polo
JEANS :: Local Boutique
PURSE :: I got it at a local store in Venice Italy
FLATS :: C. Wonder (looks like they are sold out)
NECKLACE :: Local store

Okay crazy new right here, I live in the south and today it was 64 degrees, today and Wednesday it is supposed to snow and be only like in the 30s. This crazy weather. But that means shortened to no school. yay! 

What is the temperature like where you live? #springcomefaster

xo Kira 


Room Redo + Pictures

Happy Monday! 

First, before I begin, I would like to formally apologize for my absence in the blogging world. I have had so much work to do in such a short amount of time for everything: schoolwork, piano work, modeling work and finally some me time. My schedule gets crazy, and sometimes there is just simply no room for blogging. As sad as this makes me, school comes first. So for a little while here I cannot promise that I will be posting everyday, but I sure will try to do my best. :)

For a while now I have talked about redesigning my bedroom, so far so good. I am absolutely loving the outcome that I have gotten. As of right now, it is not finished because of, again, time. (Can somebody please let me know if they find time hidden under their bed or something, I am in need of some more. hehe) The last time I really updated my room was probably when I was around eight or nine, I am now fifteen and in less than four years, I am going to college. That being said, it's time to take down the polka dot curtains. Right? 

Here I will show you some progress pictures, I am quite proud of what I have done so far. 

This is what my room looks like when you first walk into it, and immediately the first thing that pops into your eye is my bed and the decor behind the bed. As much as I loved my original Eiffel Tower poster, I felt as if it overpowered the small space. I opted for a local artist's painting of the beautiful tower. My mama went to Hobby Lobby the other day to find some decor to put by my painting, she did a really great job. I especially love the candles everywhere, including on my wall and as a lamp on my bedside. Even in my room I have Paris fever, that is how much I want to go back. 

My bedding is spectacular. I finally caved and purchased the Anthropologie Georgina bedding, it is the most beautiful object in my room (well, besides the painting) and I love it just dearly. My pillows are from World Market, except for the "Hit Snooze Twice", which is from Kate Spade (LOVE), and the big yellow one from Stein Mart. 

I reorganized my entertainment center a lot. I added some paintings, a clock, books and just a bunch of other knickknacks to make it even more cozy. Let us not forget my new curtains. SO much better than the polka dots. 

I just love my "Cute as a Button" chair from World Market with the flower pillow from Stein Mart. The winter decorations are now put away as I prepare for Valentine's Day! 

As you can tell, my room is still a work in progress. I still am going to: buy some more curtains and curtain rods and accessories, recover my ottoman at the bottom of my bed, and most importantly paint my pink walls a light pinky beige color to brighten the space.

What do you think so far? Do you have any suggestions?

xo Kira 


Cappuccinos and Books

Last week I shared some of my current favorite reads. I am still reading Lunch in Paris and I'm still loving it. But the other day, I went to the local mall to get some Spin shoes, and while I was driving there I saw that Barnes and Noble was having sale! I decided to live on the edge a little and pick some books that I have never heard of before. After I finish Lunch in Paris I cannot wait to start my  new finds. Of course, during my trip I could not pass up the Starbucks. I got a fabulous soy milk cappuccino and got to work selecting my titles.

Something Blue :: As you know, I am a really big fan of chic-lit. This is a book about change that I am so excited to read. It was a great price (who cares it's a book? lol) and the Tiffany blue box really caught my eye. Look for some updates on my progress in this book. 

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Mind :: I am super excited to start reading this. This new year I am on the journey to discover myself. This book is about opening new doors and finding happiness from within. This will be a great book to read right before bed to wind down with. 

What are some titles I should be on the look out for? 

xo, Kira 


The No Makeup Makeup

As much as I love makeup, there are just some mornings where I don't feel like putting it on and don't feel exactly comfortable with out it on. Yesterday morning was one of those mornings where I woke up in the middle of a sleep cycle. After that, I felt pretty groggy for the rest of the morning until my cappuccino break with my dad at around three. Definitely not one of my best days, but hey it prompted a fabulous blog post idea. 

Everyone has those days where they feel less than superior about themselves, right? Bad skin, chapped lips and static hair can be real confidence drainers. But I have a way to eliminate each of those terrible things. Overnight vaseline treatment, a headband and pony tail and my very special "no makeup makeup" look. In this look I use the simplest of makeup to achieve a great result of a fresh, (more important) lively look. Ready to hear the best part? I only use four (technically six) products.

Wow, normally when I wake up I don't look this bad. Yesterday was a horrible skin day: lovely bags under my eyes, my scar looking extra pink and well my overall complexion sour and uneven. So the first thing I did was apply sunscreen on my face and especially over my scar. My sunscreen is a special kind with zinc oxide to really help prevent the sun's harmful rays from making my incision line darker. Yes, even though it is winter remember to apply sunscreen it is super important. I applied a thin dab of concealer on my scar and under my eyes to cover and brighten my complexion. Then, I powdered my concealer to make it last all day, and also applying a touch to my nose and eyebrows. I don't know why exactly I applied some on my eyebrows but I did. Then I curled my eyelashes and applied a generous amount of mascara to the top lashes to open my peepers to the world, carefully making sure that it didn't get clumpy.  To finish the look, I applied a tiny tiny bit of a darker than natural lip color to my lips. 


At this point my hair was still a mess, later I put on a headband and tied my hair in a fabulous pony tail. I could not get it to look nice for the life of me down because it was so staticy. 

What is your favorite way to do a simple makeup look? 

xo Kira

ps :: I need some tips to make my hands super soft. I've tried the Vaseline treatment several nights in a row but my hands and cuticles will not stop cracking! Help! 


101 in 1001

Inspired by the beautiful Mackenzie Horan, I have now decided to jump on the bandwagon and create the mother of all to do lists. I am starting this list today and I hope to complete it in two and a half years. Let's do this!

{Start :: January 2, 2014}
{Finish :: October 17, 2016} aka one day after my eighteenth birthday!
  1. join Bikram yoga
  2. run a marathon
  3. get Spin shoes (for spin class)
  4. collect 15 new reusable bags from lululemon hehe
  5. master the splits
  6. never have to use my EpiPen
  7. try and love a new type of physical activity (tennis, Zumba, kickboxing, etc.)
  8. go to at least 20 hot yoga classes
  9. run the Charleston bridge at least 5 times
  10. go to a yoga class on a paddle board
  11. get restricted driving license
  12. get full driving license
  13. go to New York and sign with an agent for modeling
  14. find a cure for dry hands (ugh)
  15. get a car
  16. learn to knit
  17. make a fabulous apple pie
  18. read thee classic books
  19. turn 18
  20. redo all of my rooms (bedroom, bathroom, study room) #onlychildperks
  21. grow out my hair and cut it
  22. invest in a Kate Spade wallet
  23. unplug for 72 hours (no phone, computer, internet)
  24. go to bed at 9:30 every day for two weeks
  25. learn how to tie a tie
  26. read 10 non-fiction books
  27. learn how to tie a bow tie
  28. find and write to a pen pal
  29. invest in Tory Burch Reva flats
  30. go to three concerts
  31. start collecting something of important value
  32. read each and every night for two months
  33. visit 10 collages
  34. decide what I want my major to be in collage
  35. decide what collages I want to apply to
  36. take a Russian language course
  37. take the SAT
  38. take the ACT
  39. buy a new iPad
  40. take a summer course at a collage
  41. read 100 books
  42. find a topic that I want to know more about and research it
  43. host a sweet sixteen party
  44. host a sleepover themed “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  45. create new friendships
  46. move my puppy’s crate back into my room at nights
  47. spend every Sunday with my family
  48. see 10 new movies with a group of friends
  49. grab brunch with a friend
  50. go on a crazy “lost weekend” adventure
  51. have a Gossip Girl Marathon with friends
  52. have more than ten crazy photo shoots with friends
  53. go on two mission trips
  54. do a juice cleanse
  55. go to mass at the Cathedral in Downtown, Charleston five times
  56. do a 21 day social media fast
  57. find a favorite Bible quote
  58. spend more time thinking
  59. become involved in an international charity foundation
  60. volunteer at least 100 hours
  61. go to Rome (again) and go to mass at St. Peter’s in the Vatican
  62. visit a third world country
  63. try dragon fruit
  64. go raw for 21 days
  65. create 5 recipes
  66. make a smoothie recipe eBook
  67. try 10 new recipes
  68. drink all of my tea in my house
  69. drink tea from every major tea country in the world  
  70. take three cooking classes
  71. bake croissants
  72. convince my mama and daddy to try green juice
  73. go on a solo weekend study trip
  74. go on a solo yoga retreat
  75. travel back to Paris with my family
  76. go to Harry Potter in Universal with friends
  77. go to South America
  78. go on an exotic spring break trip (Cayman Islands or Aruba)
  79. hike somewhere with either family or friends
  80. go to Rockefeller Center and go ice skating
  81. go to California for the first time
  82. go to New Mexico
  83. start two new series
  84. make new blog friends
  85. meet blog friends
  86. redesign the blog
  87. buy a custom domain (lol)
  88. blog every day for three weeks
  89. post 20 OOTD
  90. post three DIY
  91. do a collaboration with another blogger
  92. post at least thirty posts with original pictures
  93. go snorkeling
  94. join a book club
  95. take a painting class
  96. take a pottery class
  97. write in a journal every day
  98. go horse back writing
  99. buy the person behind me his drink at Starbucks
  100. get a massage
  101. have a complete “me” day 


currently …

I cannot believe how well this "currently …" series is going. In fact, I really love doing it as it really helps me to reflect on my week technologically. Today is the second day of my five day break, and to say the least this break has been so relaxing so far. It started off with the perfect bubble bath Wednesday night. Yesterday I had a very leisurely morning with my puppy in my bed at 10:00 and smoothie at 11:00 followed by a dentist appointment (no cavities!) and my beautiful mama's birthday dinner in the evening. So far so good. Now for the rest of break I am going to work on going to bed early. lol

Georgina Bedding :: After many months of totally ogling over this bedding from Anthropologie, by twelve noon today it will be beautifully placed on my bed. I am in the process of redecorating my room and I cannot wait to get this beautiful piece into my arms. I have it on hold at the store downtown and it will be picked up tomorrow morning! Words cannot express how happy I am! 

Misa the cutest puppy ever :: My mama showed me this super adorable clip of Misa, an adorable Yorkie puppy who is super intelligent. I have issues with how much I love puppies (especially my puppy) and this just seals the deal of perfection. 

#myrealselfie :: Thanks to the beautiful Carly, this hashtag has been very popular this week. It creates such a positive message for girls everywhere. You just need to read this post to truly understand how inspiring this powerful blogger is.

I hope that you had a fabulous week!

xo, Kira


Bubble, Bubble + #therealselfie

I haven't had a real break from work, studying and just life since the summer time. I have now finished all of my midterms and first semester is at its close. Let's just say I am totally getting my butt kicked this freshman year of high school, it has totally been extremely challenging and I am having troubles with some of the subjects and work load. But now, I am done with a lovely five day weekend to complete the picture. This weekend I am devoting time to myself: sleeping, reading and (eek!) partially redoing my room. #relief

Unfortunately, yesterday (which was the day of my most important midterm) I woke up with a sore throat. Through out the day I started to feel worse. When I got home I made one of my most favorite smoothie (post coming soon!) and laid on the couch for three hours. Ready to hear the crazy part of my evening? I ate dinner really fast. And then I took a bubble bath for another two hours and watched my recordings of PLL and Switched at Birth. Perfect right?

In fact, I felt so relaxed afterwards that I made a list of reasons I need to take a bubble bath more. I really found this time beneficial to my overall personal being. 

Yesterday, Carly did the most beautiful post about sharing he real self. I thought it would be very appropriate for me to include a picture of the real me, the fresh out of the bubble bath me. This person that types many stories for your pure enjoyment is real. I am a real freshman in high school trying to find the perfect balance of many things -- school, friends, blogging, future careers, tests and so much more. I know I am young and still have a life ahead of me, but times are changing. We younger girls are starting to become equipped with older minds that are more aware of what the world is truly like. I personally understand the sad things that comes with the world today and the perfect image that each and every girl has for themselves.

As much as I love putting on makeup, doing my hair all nice and wearing cute clothes: it still has taken time for me to be truly happy with myself au naturale. But I am only fifteen and I am completely and utterly confident in my skin and most importantly my body figure. I have had many bumps in my ongoing road, but the best thing that I have gotten out of freshman year is finally becoming happy in my heart for being who I truly am. 

-- I have awful lighting in my bathroom because of the real selfie aspect the iPhone does not do the quality of the pictures justice. -- 
My name is Kira
i have blonde hair and gray-blue eyes
i have two scars on my face from previous skin procedures
my nose has a bump in the middle of it because i broke it when i severely broke my arm
my hair is super thin and super wavy
i am shy when you first meet me, but once the shell is broken I am very outgoing and always laughing
i am six feet tall 
because of my height, my legs take up about 70% of my total body proportion, 
therefore even "long" pants don't cut it 
my left hand is bigger than my right
sometimes in pictures my left eye is lazy (lol)

There now you can see the real me, and I am proud of showing the real me to the world. 

Thank you for being the best readers I could ever ask for! 

xo, Kira 


Reading Now


When I'm up for it, I love to read. But lately, it has been just so difficult to find the time to wind down and truly immerse myself in some quality reading time. #thankyoumidterms The end of the first semester and second quarter have really brought some challenges: required reading (ugh), last minute projects and of course a plethora of tests and quizzes and exams.

Over my long weekend, I am going to devote much of my time living simply in the moment, my new philosophy on life, without the burden of electronic devices. I am going to practice driving (I get my restricted license in three months!!), going to bed and getting more than eight hours of sleep and of course catching up of some well deserved time under the covers with tea and a good book. 

Here are just a few of the titles I am loving … 

Lunch in Paris :: My reaction towards this book is nothing short of charming. This is such an easy read and a nice topic to day dream upon. I mean it's a love story set in Paris, with recipes at the end of each chapter. Love and food. Food for love. Love for food. What ever your case is I totally recommend this book.

The Origin of Species :: You may be thinking, Kira why the heck are you reading a science book when your last book was a romance novel? Truth is, I am not reading the entire book, only a few chapters that are the most important and the most noteworthy. Still questioning? My family and my best friend and her family are traveling to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador this summer, so what better way to prepare for this historic adventure than to fully educate myself on the topic of the importance of the Galapagos. Yes, this book is extremely difficult to read. I have a separate notebook that I am taking notes with, but I love science -- especially biology. I find the whole ordeal fascinating. 

The Fault in Our Stars :: I have read this book once before and an starting to read it again now. The upcoming movie has me extremely excited as this is one of my most favorite books of all time. The plot, the characters and most importantly the tragic love story is just beautifully written. I am not one to cry during a book, but this was a totally and completely different scenario. I finished the book late one night and my mother came in to see why my light was still on -- when she came in I was sobbing not crying so slightly, but sobbing. It was that touching. 

Diary of a Working Girl :: If you can't tell I'm a sucker for chick-lit. I have seen the movie "Beauty and the Briefcase" so many time and finally drew the conclusion that it was based off of this book. It is such a cute plot life of a young lady living in NYC. My dream is right here. 

I have been on Goodreads for quite some time now. I am still pretty confused on how it works. Maybe I should devote more of my time into it. I have heard such great things about it.

What do you recommend? Please share by leaving a comment below. 

xo, Kira 


Longest Short Week

There is something about a Monday that is almost as cleansing as a new year. On Monday, there is a clean slate full of new ideas, opportunities and of course mistakes to learn from. This week will prove to me to be one of the most challenging of the year. Being only a freshman in high school, I am having a lot of firsts this year. First homecoming, first time driving on the highway, first real hair issues (lol ugh) and first midterms. Ew, even the word makes me cringe. Luckily for me, I have only three days of school this week and then a crazy long "Martin Luther King Break" Weekend. What? 

I am so excited to get this week done and complete because this long weekend will be my first real break all year. I got a head start on studying for midterms over Christmas break. And what can I say, people are totally right -- it is so much easier now that I have prepared ahead of time. Now Friday, I had the pleasure of experiencing my very first midterm of high school. To say the least, I have the teacher's approval on my side and the test was quite easy. Now this week; however, are going to be my most challenging midterms: geometry and physical science. I have been preparing very hard for both, now I just need some self-modivation to get through this. 

Over my relaxing weekend, I have many fun things planned. I cannot wait to get to them, but for my I have focused my attention to the present. 

xo, Kira

ps. I have this new promise to myself that I will take more of my own picture for my blog, as I have an extremely nice camera that needs to be put to use. What do you think?

pps. Do you have any strategies/tips that you use during big, stressful tests? Leave me a comment below. :) 


currently …

As the first week of school after break closes, and as my first midterm is today (eep!), I am delighted to bring you another segment of "currently …". Last week's got amazing feedback. Also, this week was the first actual week of the new year. To say the least, I was extremely focused, healthy and happy. Let's hope every week is like this! 


Calendar :: Oh my goodness. No other words besides obsessed. I was recently on History In High Heels, a new blog I found (I loooove) and I came across this super adorable calendar for 2014. Isn't it just amazing that she created these pictures using the app "Paper". yep, it's totally time to upgrade from just the starter pack of colors and brushes. 

Monogram Maker :: Let's just repeat that -- ONLINE. MONOGRAM. MAKER. Amazing, it is free too. My goodness I cannot fathom how many times I am going to use this wonderful website. 

Oh She Glows :: Being a recent convert to the (semi) vegan lifestyle, I have found need to explore new options regarding food. Tough life, I know I know. But non the less I have found the wonderful website called Oh She Glows. This site is run by a beautiful vegan from Canada. She has some amazing recipes that would just blow your mind away. Did I mention that they are all 100% vegan? To update you on my newly vegan journey: It is going just so amazing. I have had a raw vegan (no eggs, dairy, or human or animal made) breakfast every morning such as a smoothie or a giant bowl of fruit {inspiration}, a vegan (no eggs/no dairy) lunch, and for the rest of the day a simple snack and a simple dinner with meat to get the essential protein I need to function as a young person. I feel amazing. Not just because I have not been snacking or eating healthier, but because my mind is so much clearer and happier and awake. Life is so amazing right now. 

I hope that you have a lovely weekend, as I will be studying for midterms. What would you like to see on the blog? Email me some of your suggestions or leave a comment below.

xo, Kira 

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