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It has been almost a year since I started blogging. Let me just tell you one thing, I have grown up so much and my style has changed so much as well. And to be quite honest, I have never been truly happy with the template / name of my blog. I guess that is what comes with being an indecisive person. These past couple of weeks you may have seen me tweaking the template and making minor changes. Those were just minor place holders of what is to come. Let me tell you: it is going to be awesome. 

Last year at this time I was still a "baby prep" still trying to figure out my style by downing myself in a plethora of Lilly Pulitzer, pastel and bubble necklaces. ( fetus blogger ) I was staying far away from Urban Outfitters and other "hipster / mainstream" stores. But now almost five inches taller and a big time aspiring model, I have come to my senses and found what I truly love #fashionindustryprobs. My style now is more urban: think New York City, Emily Shuman and white converse all morphed into a semi edgy J. Crew  / Madwell look mixed with some boho Anthropologie. Did that make sense? 

I have a brand new name all selected for this beautiful scheme, it should be revealed before the end of April! What do you think of the new scheme? 

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Popping Orange

The sun looks like spring. It's so orange and warm. Now if only the weather would cooperate, high today was barely 60 degrees. And for us southerners, that is twenty degrees below average. I am definitely trying to experiment with different outfits, I am so sick and tired of wearing boots all of the time. These adorable flats are my go to spring shoe. They are bright and colorful and add a nice touch of color to my otherwise simple outfit. Let us please acknowledge that I am wearing my green vest, yet again #overworn. It is so nice to have pieces in my wardrobe that I can wear with everything and it will look great. As for this crazy weather now, this is pretty much my uniform. Can this weather please warm up? I want to break out my shorts! 



ps -- Recently I have been experimenting with my hair, I find that changing the part gives a new, fresh look. I'm rocking the middle part today. 



Spring Break Essentials

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I can now officially say that I have endured the most long, hard and absolutely amazing week of my life. Charleston Fashion Week has concluded and I am wiped out! Because of this adventure, I ended up missing a whole week of school (yikes!!) and this week has been full of catch up: late nights of homework, early mornings of making up tests and lots of caffeinated tea. 

Now, I am going to try to start blogging more now that I have more free time. Last week, I jotted down a few ideas and created a Pinterest board of inspiration for the new scheme of the blog ( Sloane and Frannie my new inspirations. ) So be prepared to see changes coming within the next few months. 

With all of the work that I have been having, I am in desperate need of a vacation. It has been almost nine  months since I have had a real one. Unfortunately, Easter is very late this year and my school district plans spring break around that time, so my spring break isn't until almost three weeks from now!  Having spent a lot of time in downtown Charleston last week, I got a chance to explore the shops and the first signs of spring. My style has started to evolve since last spring: instead of Lilly, Lilly, Lilly it has become more of the J. Crew, Anthropologie, and (newly discovered) Madwell look. Don't get me wrong, I still love Lilly to death.  Now, I find that the more demure, neutral colors are starting to fit my lifestyle and personality more and more.  

What are your spring break essentials? 


ps -- What is up with this weather? It was only in the low 50s all day today, and typically at this time of year it is in the high 70s. Seriously, I'm so ready to ditch the layers. 



Warby Parker's Spectrum Sun Collection

This past weekend had to be one of the best weekends by far! Modeling and blogging surprises, what could be better?

Warby Parker has now officially become my favorite place to look for classy, modern frames. I have been eyeing a few pairs of eyeglass frames for quite some time now, my favorites are the Duckworththe Walker (especially in Canton Blue) and the ChandlerI am in serious need of a new glasses prescription, and I think with that should come new frames. Right? ;)

With spring break right around the corner, now is the most perfect time for a new pair of sunnies. Warby Parker's brand new Spectrum Sun Collection launched today and I could not be more excited to show this beautiful collection to my lovely viewers. I was lucky enough to preview the collection before it came out -- it completely took my breath away. I like Warby Parker's common theme of big frames. Big frames are my personal favorite. A few years back, I could barely find frames big enough. And now, big frames are a popular trend. I love it!

The Spectrum Sun Collection is beautiful. I think what really makes this collection great is the diversity of all of the frames, yet they all share one main aspect: the wide frame.

HALL Cherry Blossom :: best color
HALL Whiskey Tortoise :: best frame
DEAN English Oak :: best color combination
DEAN Striped Olive :: best texture
DOWNING Striped Sassafras :: favorite lens
MINNIE Eucalyptus :: best shape
MINNIE Striped Sassafras :: best pattern
PIPER Revolver Black :: most classic
PIPER Woodland Tortoise :: my favorite

In the near future, there will definitely be one of these beautiful sunnies in my Warby Parker shopping cart, as well as a pair of eyeglasses frames. Everything on their site is super adorable. I could spend hours looking for new glasses, each one of them is so unique. Each frame holds a different personality: some are more bold, some are more simple, some are quirky and some are sophisticated. 

Warby Parker is a company that gives back. For every pair of glasses that they sell, they give a pair to someone in need. Their mission is to truly show the world that glasses are a very useful tool. They can empower one to start working hard to get what they truly want in their life. 

What is your Warby Parker frame personality? 


ps - I would like to extend a big thank you to Warby Parker for allowing me to preview this great collection. This was truly a fun post to put together because I believe that not only are glasses functional, they are an interchangeable fashion accessory that boosts self confidence. xo 



Just Another Manic Monday

Well this is it. Charleston Fashion Week's opening show starts a week from tomorrow. I am so excited. These past couple of weeks have been so much fun. I have found inspiration in every aspect of my life. Spring is finally starting to come around and winter is loosening its frigid grip. Well, I should not be complaining, South Carolina's weather by the coast has been very cold, but not as cold as the northeast! 

I cannot wait to see what these new few weeks bring. My blogging will finally start to pick up again after CFW concludes and I will share my adventure with all of my sweet viewers. Speaking of blogging, I have become very inspired and I am prepared to do some major changes on the blog. So over the next few months, be prepared to see everything change on here -- name, template, pictures and mayyyybe the URL. I changed the URL one time, and almost deleted the blog!! I have a few ideas in mind for the upcoming changes, so stay tuned for that. 

I know that for most of you, spring break is coming very soon! Unfortunately for me, my break is not until the end of April. Between now and April, I am sure that a lot of my teachers will start to pile on the work load. If you are in the same situation as me, inspiration is much needed. I love looking at quotes and reading a good book while listening to music. Recently in preparation for more modeling, I got a hot stone massage, and let me tell you, it was amazing. I would highly recommend taking a day just for yourself spending quality time alone. It was truly relaxing and got my head in a great place.

Remember that life already has a set course, so if something does not go your way, that is perfectly okay. Work around your obstacles and ask yourself: "Is this an obstacle or an opportunity?" 

Thank you for being very patient throughout my crazy life. I promise that in two weeks I will be back for good bringing you the latest scoop daily! 

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life's little moments

Hi Loves!

I hope you all are doing well. I am having a great time in my little mini-break from blogging adventure. As much as I love blogging, I have just had a blast this past week doing other things; particularly modeling. I am preparing for Charleston Fashion Week, as I will participating in that as as well as some other fun runway shows and photo shoots through out the month of March. Please bear with me in my absence from blogging, trust me, when I come back there will be lots of stories to tell. 

Don't forget to take a break from your busy life and enjoy something special. After a fitting for a show, I took a break to indulge in my favorite thing ever :: chocolate covered strawberries from the local Godiva store.

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Kira Ann 
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