Travel Tuesday :: Eating Right

One common side effect of traveling is over eating. At home we typically have a strict routine that we follow every day when it comes to eating and meal times. Well, I know that I do anyway. But once your foot steps off of that plane, all of those routines just go down the drain. Overeating has effects such as unnecessary bloating and fatigue, and overall these feelings just seem to linger through out your trip making you feel quite uncomfortable. With these few ideas to follow, I can assure you that you can feel great and energized, but more importantly extra ice cream from crawling into your mouth. (#guilty)

1 // Water is your best friend. Drink water when every you are thirsty and even when you aren't. Dehydration is one of the worst feelings that you can experience and it is something that you need to avoid. You body is not happy being neglected. Personal experience :: I nearly fainted in Rome because I was so severely dehydrated. 

2 // Never, EVER skip breakfast. No seriously, like ever. Long days walking and sightseeing require a fuel of energy first thing in the morning. And you need the protein to keep you aware. There is nothing worse that not being able to experience a new land because of a throbbing headache or blurred vision. Personal experience :: I don't remember seeing parts of Oslo, Norway because I just had toast for breakfast. 

3 // Think colors. Buffets are well known for breaking a diet, but I love using them to my best advantage. The selection of fruit at a buffet it typically amazing. So, first thing in the morning I like to grab a large plate of fruit along with a small plate whole wheat bread and peanut butter. Having more fruit and veggies really make you feel energized, and full. Like a good full, one that you can walk off in twenty minutes. 

4 // Always bring your own snacks. I am a picky eater, but I have gotten much better over the years. When traveling, you come across dishes that you don't particularly care for. If just picking around the stuff you don't like doesn't cut it, a snack bar high in protein and calories (yes, you read that correctly) is the perfect solution. I also bring snacks for when I am just walking around. In a foreign, or any country, I try to eat every two hours. That way I am most aware and energized.


Share some of your best travel tips in the comments down below!

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Time is Now

It's been a while since there has been any sort of #MotivationMonday on the blog. And with summer just a few weeks around the corner (six, actually), this is the point in the school year where our minds begin to wander. Homework gets pushed aside, projects postponed and deadlines approach faster and faster. Recently I have been experiencing major summer fever: I can list at least twenty things I would rather be doing in my head while I am typing my physical science project or the #vsco looks appealing while I am studying for French. All in all, TIME IS NOW. Plan. Think. Act. Make this your motto, your mantra and your holy grail. Repeat it to your self when you wake up and right before you go to bed. Don't stop living and breathing this phrase until everything is done, I mean everything. This is the part of the year that goes the slowest, but at the same time it can slip away faster that you can hold on to it. 

Happy Monday, loves. Share some of your tips for surviving the school year in the comments below?

Plan. Think. Act. 

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Stripes are Nice

UO dress, Jacket (similar), MK watch, Kate Spade Beau bag (similar), UGG tennies  

For this time of year, I love dresses. They are the perfect piece for the cool spring mornings and warm afternoons. I love this one I found at Urban Outfitters. With a high bun and colorful printed scarf it would be perfect for lunching with friends and with a perfect pair of sparkly sandals and a cork clutch (#want) it would look beautiful transitioned to the evening. For a causal school look I paired the b&w stripes with a simple jean jacket, beach-y waves (sooo easy!), white tennies and my beautiful Beau bag. To make this quite plain outfit pop, I added a bright red lip and a cool winged eyeliner.

Finally the weather is staring to cooperate and more and more skin is seeing the light of day. Hopefully it will soon be tan skin. Only twenty six days left of school and I am free!

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Cupcake Break

Can you say adorable? I have a minor obsession with cake and cupcakes and the little things in life as well. So you could say the little adventure that me and two of my girls had was just perfect. Charleston itself is so quaint and colorful, with adventure around every corner. So you could say that after a long afternoon of lunching and shopping on the famous King Street (#toughlife I know), a cupcake run to a local  bakery was just what we needed. I loved all of the vintage-y details that Sugar bakery has to offer, from the chalkboard to the glass Coca-Cola bottles. The pastel colors are really warm and inviting, not to mention the smell of freshly made sweets is extremely tempting. Seriously, I could eat everything in the store. And to top off the experience, enjoying my cupcake in the cute courtyard was truly the strawberry icing on my vanilla cupcake.

{ Cadbury eggs on cupcakes? What is better? }
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Travel Tuesday :: Key West and Islamorada

{ the bar that Ernest Hemingway supposedly visited }

{ lovely tropical home decor }

{ key lime anything? yes please! }

While visiting Miami last week, we decided to take a day trip to the beautiful Florida Keys. From Miami Beach to the most southern island, Key West, it is about a three hour drive. However that drive is quite lovely, especially passing over the beautiful bridges connecting the islands with the crystal clear water below. 

Leaving early in the day requires breakfast at one of the local restaurants. In Islamorada, Mangrove Mike's is a well known local place that has the quaintest interior that looks like the bottom of the ocean floor. And of course, waffles were number one on my list #yummy. Two beautiful hours later, we arrived in Key West and spent the afternoon wandering the streets. This is my favorite type of travel … getting lost. The highlight of wandering was stumbling across the beautiful exotic butterfly conservatory, followed by cold and creamy ice cream. Let me tell you, that cookies and cream ice cream was necessary because it was hot hot hot! After shopping along the streets for a few more hours, we decided to drive to Islamorada for dinner.

Islamorada is about two hours above Key West and our dinner was absolutely fabulous. Sitting by the water with a one man band playing mellow music and watching the sunset was the perfect way to end the relaxing day in the Keys. Besides, I could not get enough pictures of the beautiful sunset. 

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Lemon Pop

Hello, hello, hello! Remember me? Spring break has now come and gone and that means that the school year is finally drawing to a close. The next few weeks will be busy, with a little organization and perseverance, we can all bring our school year to a happy close. 

{ Instagrammed }

J. Crew blouseJ. Crew shortsJ. Crew belt, Lilly Pulitzer sunnies, MK watch,  J. Crew hat, Kate Spade wallet

This outfit was perfect for my day of exploring in Key West, Florida. The light button up was not very form fitting, so when the (occasional) wind blew in, it helped to keep me comfortable in the hot, tropical sun. Paired with white shorts,  a lemon belt and strappy sandals, this outfit was perfect for traveling and style.

The weather was perfect, very sunny and very warm. After being stuck in a dreary classroom for so long, this breezy weather was what I had been craving for so long.

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Favorites on Instagram

With today being my last day before spring break, I am finally letting my mind let loose and start to wander. Tomorrow I travel to Miami, Florida for a short and sweet trip including shopping, modeling agency visiting and beach bumming it in the Keys. With adventure in the horizon I thought it would be best to share with you my favorite Instagram accounts. 

Sloane @ sailingseastyle has the best photography skills. Her posts feature fashion, food and travel.

Michael @ baristart is an amazing artists. However, his work is not on canvas, it is in coffee. 

Tiel @ tielduncanart has the most beautiful pastel art work. I love all of the bright, happy colors she incorporates. 

@nyc  is a photography featuring photos from the Big Apple. I am so wanderlust in my desire to move here soon. 

Chassity @looklingerlove has the most colorful and happy pictures ranging from scenery fashion to her adorable children. Her blog is super fun and adorable as well. 

I love photography. In the future, I hope to expand my photography skills to not only be more artistic on my Instagram, but also on my blog too.

I hope you had a great week. Cheers to the weekend! 

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I Heart (GREEN) Smoothies

The Everything Smoothie: two bananas / spinach / two apples / kale / pineapple 

Especially after long modeling weeks filled with Cliff Bars, bagels and protein cookies, I crave detoxifying smoothies. Smoothies are a great way to start a day because of the fact that they fill you up without the guilt (or the bloat). Experimenting in the kitchen is not really my thing, I'm more of the stick to the recipe and hope it goes well kind of girl. However, when it comes to smoothies, the more experimentation that I do, the yummier the concoction. 

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ps -- I am planning an "Ask Kira" post for next week, feel free to comment or email me anything that you would like to know. 


Warby Parker's Home Try-On

(excuse the baby hairs, my goodness)
I have been craving some new frames for quite some time now. As you might have known, I am a huge fan of Warby Parker. While doing some research for my last project with them, I discovered their fabulous "Home Try-On" feature. This program allows you to select your five favorite frames (whether sun, or optical) and have them shipped to your house to try on at no cost to you. Of course, I had to select some frames to try. Why not?

For my new glasses, I was looking for something different, and fun. And since my face is kind of wide, a big lens was preferable. For the box to come, it only took four(ish) days. When it came, I was so excited. In my workout clothes in all, I tried on every single pair numerous times to decide what my perfect frame would be. Trying on all of the frames was fun, and I loved all of the ones I tried on. In the end, only one can be the perfect pair.

Can you guess which one I picked? 

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Total Girl Crush : Karlie Kloss

Girls are so strange. We totally oogle over nice looking guys and make silly remarks about their chiseled abs #yum. But at the same time we scroll though pages and pages of celebrity women who  we totally fall hard for. 

Karlie Kloss is my idol. She stands tall at 6' 2" and her famous figure is on the front page of Vogue in numerous countries. I find myself cyberstalking her Instagram without even realizing how much I aspire to be like her. Unlike most celebrities, she seems like a very down to earth girl who is just living her dream. She enjoys baking "Karlie's Kookies", healthy cookies, for the benefit of those who are not as fortunate in the NYC area. Like me, she loves her spin class and she is a great advocate for SoulCycle. I admire this aspect of living a healthy, plentiful lifestyle as a model. Stereotype has it that models starve themselves, Karlie frequently shows her figure is obtained not by neglection, but from an abundance of healthy foods. From past experiences, I have many friends in the modeling world, and all we can think about after a shoot or show is over is "where is the food". 

All in all Karlie Kloss is perfect. She's photogenic. She has a great sense of style. And most importantly, she a down to earth person who shows that the modeling industry can be healthy and fit. 

Who's your girl crush? 

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Travel Tuesday : Santorini, Greece


Shady tree, warm ground all in beautiful Santorini, can I be this guy?

Santorini, Greece is like a post card. And while on the subject the first picture is not from a post card, I took it capturing every single aspect of classic Santorini: the white washed homes, clear skies, blue Caldeara water and lush vegetation fit for only the driest of climates.

The island of Santorini is located in the Agean Sea and is one of the many volcanic, Greek Isles. Because it was made as the aftermath of a volcanic reaction, the beaches are not covered with soft, pink sand, but rough, black and finely ground volcanic rock that is very hot to the touch. Actually, where I am standing in the last picture, the water is covering the mouth of  the volcano that created the island, creating the caldera nickname for Sanorini.

Santorini is split into two parts: the part that tourists typically see and the part that is less touristy, or where the native Santorinians (?) live. The part that tourists typically see includes the beautiful white washed buildings, beautiful flowers and tourist trap foods such as local a type of local nut. On the other side of the island, it is less inhabited by those trying to make a living off attracting tourists. It is less striking and much more barren and remote. The people here make a living by fishing farming and wine making. These natives commute to and fro from the big city of Athens, Greece. On the less touristy side of the island there is the absolute best food. The transition between the two sides of the island is many beautiful roads that travel through the beach and country side with churches from the Byzantine Empire visible though out the drive. For lunch when I was in Santorini I had freshly pressed olive oil and bread to start with. Then a super yummy mixed green salad, followed by some type of local meat (I don't remember what kind) and yellow jasmine rice. The whole meal was simple yet heavenly.

With spring break two weeks away, I am itching to go on another traveling adventure. Because of my burning desire to roam foreign lands, I have decided to introduce a new series to you called "Travel Tuesday". This series will consist of pictures from past voyages and inspiration for future endeavors.

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