Recognizable Rompers

So sorry for being such a bad blogger. May has been an absolutely crazy month. Teachers just love cramming things before the semester ends and this week: FINALS. I'm three finals away from being done with freshman year of high school!

Recently, I have been totally obsessing over rompers and maxi dresses (more to come on that later). Rompers seem to be popping out everywhere that I look. I especially how Liz styled this ADORABLE number in Roma. They are such a fun alternative to dresses and they can be dressed up for a dinner date (lol) and they can be majorly dressed down for weekend flower runs. All in all I just love that they are not necessarily form fitted. This creates a more relaxed, carefree vibe. I'm totally in love with the Palm Romper from Topshop. I think that this romper would look great with a pair of metallic Birkenstocks for the day time with a messy bun for the day, and it would easily transition to the nighttime with a pair of Joie sandals, a denim jacket and a cute clutch. Ohh this romper is such a must get on my trip to New York City.

In addition to rompers I've been totally oogling over all of the beautiful pieces from Loren Hope. I have heard of her before and I never truly checked out the jewelry until after Gracey's interview with her. I really am obsessed with this necklace and this pair of earrings.

I'm so ready to bring the school year to a close. Summer is calling my name I have two finals today and one on Friday and then I'm off to the Big Apple.

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Bad Quality Pictures, Good Quality Bedroom

New color soon to go on all my walls! 

Can you see it coming together?

Bad quality selfie, but totally worth it because my bedroom is so me.

Puppy snuggles on my beautiful bed. 
Afternoon study sesh along side some tea. 
Remember how awhile back I was so excited when I first selected my idea for my new room? Well this past weekend I have been quite busy in the room redo process. I have been taking it slow and finding inspiration in all possible places.

Friday after school, my mother and I visited a dear friend who is also an interior designer. After many "Omg, YES!!!" moments, running excitedly around the store and new ideas created I finally created a plan of action for my new room. On Saturday I picked up a sample of the new paint we selected on Friday and travelled around the town looking for vintage furniture inspiration for my humble abode. Unfortunately Saturday afternoon, my cold became extreme and I spent the afternoon laying in my bed reading a book and napping. Is that a problem? Not at all. While laying there I ran through my head of the many ideas for my room. Let me tell you, it is going to be awesome.

Sunday, I stayed home all day still recuperating from my awful cold. The agenda yesterday included snapping a few basic modeling pics, last minute homework and begin studying for my exams (today is my last Monday of the year !!!!!!). I became so grateful for my journey through out my freshman year of high school and I cannot believe that it is almost over. Many things are going to change next year, and I know that it is going to be for the better.

Have a happy, happy Monday! Think of laying by the beach, the smell of salty air and sweet summertime.

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Vegan Ice Cream

Ice cream is healthy, or it at least can be. For weeks now I have wanted to try for myself vegans and raw vegans' best friend: banana ice cream. Adapted from This Rawsome Vegan's recipe, this little treat was the perfect breakfast and it felt especially lovely on my sore throat. The best part of this ice cream? Besides the fact that it contains cacao, a superfood, and the creaminess, it is 100% healthy and a great way to start off the morning on a sweet note. Eating healthy does not mean restricting sweets, it means enjoying them in a different way. Yes, this is real life. 

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Best of Basics


It has always been clear that having a black blazer and a great pair of jeans are essentials that everyone must have in their closet. Over many experiences in the fashion world, blog reading and people watching, I have came to realize that there are many more pieces that should be added to the essentials list. And from recent personal experiences, I have started to gravitate towards more simple pieces and simplifying my outfits. Basic pieces such as the ones above can be very versatile and help to transition outfits from day to night, from casual shopping day with friends to a dinner date (lol, what's that?) All of the outfits above can mixed and matched to discover your perfect look. 

Personally, my favorite outfit is the shorts and tee combo. I just love the fact that the high-waisted shorts and the white V-neck create a very relaxed look, paired with the bag (#want), the necklace, the leather sandals and some great beachy waves it would be a great outfit for weekend flower runs. But if I am looking for more of a trendy model-interview attire I would pair the tee and shorts with the black point flats, a high bun and a the cool gold necklace. 

What are some of your essentials? 

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C'est le Week-End + Five on Friday

It has indeed been a crazy, crazy week. With the new blog URL, I can finally really breathe. It may seem crazy, but this major change really made my blog seem complete and more "me". With the weekend looming right over our shoulders, I feel as if though there is not enough motivation in the world to get me through next week, let alone three more. For those of you who are already on summer beak one word: jealous.

1. I don't know about you, but I love quizzes. No, not geometry quizzes, but mindless quizzes. I recently found this one, and I find it absolutely hilarious. (I'm Late Night Snack, take the quiz then you will understand)

2. This peplum number from Anthropologie is absolute perfection and I love everything about it, except for the price. Will somebody let me know when it goes on sale?

3. Everything about Kelly from Kelly in the City (@kellyinthecity) is so lovely. I just recently discovered her Insta and her blog and I am completely hooked on her colorful adventure in NYC.

4. Emily Shuman's take on blueberry scones. I must to put these on "to bake list"!

5. Can we please just discuss the Met Gala and all of the gorgeous and flawless fashion that there was to behold. Karlie Kloss looked stunning in Oscar de la Renta and Liu Wen in Zac Posen. Personally these were my two very favorites, but Emma Stone and others also were perfection as well.


photo shoot with a friend, drivers ed class, end of year piano concert, dinner with friends


I hope that you had a fabulous week. Please let me know what you think about the new blog!

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I Heart (RED) Smoothies

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The Watermelon Jewel: half of a watermelon // 1-2 cups of water

Before I start anything, today is the second day of blogging on the new URL: so far … I'm totally loving. I have never felt a love so deeply for my blog and I can promise you that no template changes will take place any time soon. I am so so happy. 

In continuation with my "I Heart Smoothies" series (latest one, here), I present to you a jewel. This watermelon smoothie is truly sweeter than any candy that you can find. After a run/bike ride earlier in the week, this smoothie was the perfect reward. The consistency came out like more of a juice, and the coldness perfectly balanced my mega sweat. So instead of grabbing a heavy meal after any physical activity (and if you are absolutely tired of drinking water) this smoothie is the perfect swap providing necessary hydration, and the sweetness you crave. Seriously, it is like candy. 

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Little Gifts

Are you ready to celebrate the most important lady in your life? Mothers are always there through every up and every down, so this Sunday is the day that is specially set aside for all mothers of the world. Every day you should thank your mother and tell you how much you love her. But who doesn't love a little gift here and there? 

1. A fresh, breezy pair of pajamas for the upcoming summer months. 
2. Keep her outlook sunny, while protecting her eyes with a new pair of sunnies
3. Bag the old bad. This lilac tote is perfect for weekend flower runs. 
4. A picture is worth a thousand words, let her take ten thousand pictures with the chic camera
5. Nothing can top off the perfect outfit better than a timeless scent
6. A great iPad case is great for business and for viewing pleasure. 
7. Sandals to slip on for a causal dinner downtown. 
8.  Fabulous earrings to match her fabulous personality.
9. Pens need updating, too. 
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Behind Kira by Kira Tabor

Drumroll, please. The long anticipated wait is now finished and today I can officially why I unveiled this new look for the bloggy. Let me start off by introducing myself on the new face of my blog. My name is Kira Tabor (Keyr-uh, Tabor rhymes with "labor"). I have a passion for fashion, food, traveling and fitness. Here, on Kira by Kira Tabor, I will share my latest adventures and current obsessions. As well as my personal take on photography and 
other fun pieces of life sprinkled in-between. 

As of right now, I am closing my freshman year of high school. I have not had the "typical" high school experience because of the the fact that I go to a school specifically dedicated to the arts: my major is piano. Here I have met some amazing people, and I have been immersed in so many different forms of art, such as photography, since I first started in the sixth grade here at this school.

Now, I am not like most high school girls. I am not falling hard for a guy and I like to spend my Saturday nights with my family. One could say that I am "antisocial", but I think of myself as very independent and passionate about something that I don't like to talk about with a lot of people. 

{ @newyorkcity }
I stand tall at 5 feet 11.5 inches tall. When I was younger, I was so insecure about my height. It even got to the point where in a class picture I was bending my knees so I would not come off as the tallest girl in the class (even taller than all of the boys). Over the past two years however, I came to realize that something I was so insecure about could become one of my greatest keys to unlocking a whole new world. 

Last year, I started (at 5 feet 7) to do a few minor fashion shows and "photo shoots" with a family friend. This was a great start, but I started to want to model more and more. Only being fourteen and short for the modeling world, not a whole lot of opportunities presented themselves to me straight away, and they still don't. Over the summer, I grew FIVE AND A HALF (!!!!) inches and turned fifteen. Now on the taller side of the modeling spectrum I have gotten many more opportunities to model locally, not just for local retailers and such, but for big names such as Carmen Marc Valvo and Tibi. But now, I am tired of the local market and all I can think of every single day, twenty four hours a day- seven days a week is when the time comes for me to move my modeling career to the next level. To move to New York and beyond! 

I have now created a brand for myself "Kira". I am Kira. I am the tall blonde that likes to drink decaf capps and read a book. I am the Kira who loves to travel with her family. The 'by Kira Tabor' is me, Kira Tabor. The author. The human. The one who not only lives the story, but also writes about it. The one who carves her path so gracefully and carefully. I am a dreamer. So what ever I dream, I fully believe that one day it will come true.

Thank you so much for following along and bearing with me through my indecisiveness. The new adventure officially begins tomorrow May 7th, the URL is changing to www.kiratabor.blogspot.com. Let's start this new chapter together shall we?

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Denim and Black

Shirt: J. Crew / Jeans: SOLD design lab (similar) / MK watch / UGG tennies / Anthropologie iPhone case
Okay, I was getting a little crazy with the photography here. Recently I have been exploring the world of photography more and more. Now, I'm definitely not an expert, but I can conclude that I have gotten better through the past couple of weeks.

I find that denim and black create a really lovely and classic combination. And the fact that it is acceptable to transition black and white into the spring time is one of my favorite parts about fashion. I picked up this shirt from J. Crew in the middle of the winter, but thanks to the silly arctic blast I could not wear it as much as I wish that I could have. This look was kind of a dressy look, but when I added the white sneaks, it made it perfect for a day at (high) school.

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ps -- The blog's name is now changed! More details will come later. The url will change on Wednesday May, 7 to www.kiratabor.blogspot.com .
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