The room reno is going absolutely fantastic. It has been painted and the furniture has been put into place. Besides that hardwood floor that has been backordered, the incomplete lighting fixtures and the small bedroom detail touches it is basically finished.

Originally, I was just planning on redoing my bedroom. One thing led to another and my bathroom just ended up getting a face lift with some fresh paint and new hardware. Thankfully I made the best decision on the subway tile flooring, so that did not need to be redone. The pepto bismol pink walls were recovered with light lavender and the accents have gotten a fresh new outlook in white. I spotted this shower curtain online and scooped it up when I had the members only discount. With the light colors, rustic chair and the crisp accessories this bathroom has become my little Parisian escape.

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You know summer is coming to a close when the blueberries start becoming super sweet and tasty. However sad that may be it's worth the super yummy blueberry pie!

I'm not a fan of tomatoes, but I couldn't help but take a picture! I was so amazed by all of the different types and colors of these baby tomatoes.

I LOVE cherries. These cherries looked to die for, too bad we already picked some up earlier at Whole Foods. 

Pizza will always have my heart. Going around the farmer's market I always have my eyes open for samples. The girl selling this tomato sauce told the story of how her grandfather came over from Italy and established the first pizza place in Savannah, Georgia. This sauce was amazing, so of course I bought some to make a pizza! It is made with fresh tomatoes and herbs and NO sugar. How cool is that?

King of Pops is known to be the best place to get popsicles in Charleston, SC. Of course I had to take a peek to see what flavors they were offering that day, the strawberry lemonade was perfect for a 90 degree outing.

My daddy does not ask for much, but the only thing he wanted was chocolate cake. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any chocolate cake at the actual market, so a side trip to a local bakery for decadent chocolate cake was a must. Naturally, I ate the corner that had the most icing. (How am I not 500 pounds??)

I absolutely love to eat, and you should probably know that by know. As I mentioned previously, I like to prepare everything that I make as well. I am human and I love to eat out every once in a while, but most of the time I indulge in foods that I or my mommy have created with our own two hands. What better way is there to get the freshest, most beautiful foods than at the farmer's market? Yesterday, my mommy, my little doggie and I explored the rows of fruits, veggies and locally made sodas and sauces at our local farmer's market. In preparation for company arriving this weekend, there was lots of stocking up to do: delicious cinnamon chip bread, fresh-pressed olive oil and red tomatoes were number one on our list. But of course I got side tracked by all of the beautiful colors, oh and the samples. ;)

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{ Q&A with } SYDNEY HUSS

 SYDNEY HUSS from A Thousand Tomorrows 

What prompted you to start "A Thousand Tomorrows"?
I started blogging after  I saw you (Kira) and our friend, Cathie, blogging together; It seemed like a perfect creative outlet and it really drew me in. It was a great way to transition from middle to high school and I was able to find something I loved that took my mind away from school. 

What has been the hardest part about blogging? 
The hardest part about blogging has to be managing the logistics and finding time to write quality content. I will always put school first, but my blog is also very important to me and really is part of who I am now! It's been hard to juggle it all this year, but with even more organization this year, hopefully it will be better! Another really tough part about blogging has to be the brainstorming part about it, because sometimes as a blogger I get severe writer's block! 

What has been the best part about blogging? 
I've absolutely loved all the friends I've been able to make through blogging. Even though I've never met any of them, I feel like I know them so well because of their own stories on their personal blogs and because of interaction through social media. Another exciting part about blogging is getting to meet these blogging besties in real life - this coming August I'm meeting up with Frannie and Caroline, as well as Jillian and I couldn't be more excited. 

 My perfect day would include … 
a perfect cup of coffee, a great book, my laptop, and a comfortable chair.

What does your coffee order look like? 
I don't get too fancy with my coffee order, but I've started to really enjoy cappucinos since my recent trip to Italy, so whenever I see one on the menu, I'm bound to order it!

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Why? 
I would go to PARIS! As a child, my dad always promised a trip to Paris, just me and him. (I always refused, and now I don't know why!) I'm hoping that in the near future (sweet 16, possibly?!) we'll finally be able to make the trip to a city I'm already in love with. 

I edit my Instagram pictures using … 

What is at the top of your wish list? 
I really want a pair of classic white jeans from Gap. I've loved seeing bloggers style it recently, and I want to try it myself! 

Where would your dream home be located? 
New England Area - perfect summers and cold winters. 
Favorite inspirational quote? 
I am constantly pinning quotes/verses to my Legibly Beautiful and Faith boards on Pinterest, but my all time favorite quote has to be "For I have plans for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future" from Jeremiah 29:11


Sydney and I went to the same school during middle school. We would talk every now and then; however, when high school started and we both launched our blogs we became to know each other so much better. Having a love for photography and travel is what really allowed us to become closer. I was especially jealous when I was texting her packing tips before her amazing trip to Italy! Sydney's colorful blog shows amazing organizing tips, style and inspirational posts that are sure to get your wheels turning!

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I can officially cross South America off of the list of continents that I have stepped foot on! All that is left is Africa, Australia and Antarctica. 

Today is the official Travel Tuesday segment for the beautiful city of Quito, Ecuador. Are you tired of Ecuador stories yet? Quito, the capital of city of Ecuador, is located in the heart of the Andes Mountain range in Ecuador. At 9,350 feet above sea level, one can really take in the cool, crisp air. In fact, I had a little bit of problems adjusting to the altitude. Just walking up a flight of stairs had me winded!!

I loved all of the little things about Ecuador that I learned throughout my time there. I learned that bread is just as important to them as some European countries. Because of the culture of Ecuador their breads are not as sweet and decadent as those found in European countries, they are more of sustenance bread to fill one's stomach and provide them with energy. I sampled the breads at the hotel in Quito, and they sure did impress -- especially with the locally made jams.

Ecuador is also the top rose exporting country in the world. Yes, you read that right - the world. Every corner you look there is at least one flower shop or stand showcasing beautiful roses in all different colors. Because roses are highly produced in Ecuador, a dozen roses can be purchased for as little as $1!  

I've had good ice cream in my life being in Italy, France and Switzerland; however the ice cream in Ecuador certainly gives those European countries a run for their money in the ice cream department. Instead of being very creamy, this chocolate ice cream I had was very rich and full of flavor. The fresh strawberry sauce on top and the meringue really completed the picture. To top off this amazing ice cream experience, the ice cream is served to look like it is smoking using dry ice - only in Ecuador!

While visiting Quito, we primarily focused wanted to visit the Old Town. In this historic part of Quito, there are many beautiful Catholic churches to be seen that were built by the Spanish when the first arrived into South America. Most of these churches have alters and ceilings finished with gold leaf, no pictures were allowed inside of these churches. No picture could even capture how beautiful and detailed the inside of these churches were. 

You can also tell how strongly Ecuadorians feel about their Catholic religion. Every shop that we entered was selling a figurine of the Virgin Mary. Even along the roads there were little chapels everywhere that people offered flowers and money to. 

Outside of the Old Town, Quito does show signs of their position as a third world country. This little boy captured my heart. Cleaning the shoes of perfect strangers is how he provides himself with a meal. His hands were dirty and he walked with a little bit of a limb. I didn't get my shoes cleaned, however when my dad gave the little boy just one dollar bill: his face lit up with happiness and he was very grateful. Ecuador is not like America, they work extremely hard and receive very little. They make the most of what they do have and they are very humble and kind people. They are very very proud to be an Ecuadorian. 

Yea, we white, American girls don't stand out at all (wink,wink). This little pink building was actually  a beautiful hotel that we had lunch and the amazing ice cream at. Typical Ecuadorian foods include bread, plantains, chicken, fish, ceviche (a seafood soup dish), empanadas, many different types of fruit and even cuy or guinea pig (Isabella tried it!).

Visiting another capital of the world is amazing. Quito is not only home to beautiful architecture and history, but it is also home to the kind and welcoming people. I throughly enjoyed my time in this city nestled in the Andes. Stay tuned for a Travel Tuesday on the Ecuadorian Highlands and the Galapagos Islands!

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I love to eat. But even more than loving to eat, I love to prepare the foods I am eating. There is something just so satisfactory about creating a delicious masterpiece in with your own two hands. In my house we eat a lot of the same meals: salmon dinner here, pasta dinner there. Sometimes, le chef (aka Mama) asks me what I feel like having for dinner, and normally I feel like having one of the usual dishes. Friday that was not the case as we were strolling through Whole Foods. 

Nowadays, I cannot stomach red meat. I think it was one of the factors leading up to me getting so sick last week. I try to avoid it as much as possible. Last Friday, I was in the mood for none other than a delicious chicken sandwich. Being the gourmet foodie/health nut, I gathered all of the ingredients I needed in Whole Foods to make a fabulous, gourmet chicken sandwich that I truly believe is restaurant worthy and healthy(ish). 

Start off with the best chicken breast that you can buy, I like Whole Foods quality. Prepare chicken for grilling with either a sauce such as this T Lish sauce, or a simply covered in olive oil. For a perfect summer night dinner, corn is a must for a side dish. 

As for the outer part of the sandwich, if in a pinch, a fluffy roll would do. I picked up a beautiful ciabatta bread loaf. For maximum amount of flavor, I cut the bread pretty thickly. To create a smoky taste for the sandwich, prepare the bread however you like to be grilled. I did not do anything to my bread; however, you could do a pat of garlic butter, a splash of olive oil or a drop of lemon juice.

Throw everything onto your grill and cook until you reach your preference. I grilled my chicken about six minutes each side, and the bread about one minute each side. It was beautiful.

As for condiments and sides go I stuck to the basics: lettuce and tomato. My parents ate the type of lettuce pictured. I opted for spinach because it gave a little more texture and flavor to my sandwich. Grapes and peaches were also a great addition as a simple side dish for the sandwich.

Plate your sandwich and viola! This was a very simple, filling dinner to create. If it wasn't thundering outside, I would have enjoyed this delicious dinner outside with a glass of lemonade by the pool. 

There is only one way to complete a dinner … Talenti Mediterranean Mint Gelato.

Let me know if you try this simple recipe, I would love to see your recreation. 

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