Fashion Tip: Layering Prints

At the beginning of my blog, there were two owners. There was myself, and a dear friend of mine; her name is Cathie. I couldn’t bring myself to delete these posts because they are a part of what is now “Ribbons and Pearls”. 

Hello Lovelies!

So, lately I have been seeing a lot of people layer patterns and most of the time it works and other times it doesn't. Most of the time people can pull it off and others seem to pair up the wrong patterns.

For example:

There may be gray stripes in both, but in my opinion you should not pair stripes and plaid in the same outfit because of the contradicting stripes.

But if you were to...

put these two patterns together with a thick plain belt the outfit will flow together perfectly. Remember not to over due the patterns or else the outfit will be too busy. 

Or you could wear this cute black and white outfit. It works because of the neutrals it shares and because the flowing top is opposite of the pencil skirt. 

If you like these last two outfits I showed check out the book Style by Lauren Conrad. 

(Sorry for the blurriness in these last two pictures my scanner didn't seem to pick everything up clearly)

Anyway, remember to wear what you like but to be careful if you do layer patterns because you don't want too much going on.

Have a great day,

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