Sailing into A New School Year #4

Hello Lovelies!

So, when you have your backpack all packed for the new school year you may be missing a few essentials without even realizing it.

(starting from upper left to bottom right)

Headphones- you always need headphones in case of a super loud bus that you want to block out with music
Cliff bar (or any other snack)- in case you get hungry in class, have a snack to satisfy
Pens- for color coating your notes
Hair Ties- in case your hair tie pops you need extra
Chap stick- in case of chapped lips you need this to moisturize 
Pencil pouch- to hold all of your pencils and pens
Notebook- pretty self explanatory
Phone- for all your social emergencies
Sunglasses- for those sunny days
Keys- whether it is house keys or car keys keep them for any emergency
Extra Pair of Earrings- in case you lose one you have extras
Pencils- to replace the ones you have lost or let someone borrow
Agenda- obviously you need something to write down all your plans
Cup- to fill with water or coffee and to drink out of during the day and make it cute
Nail polish- to fix those annoying chipped nails
Backpack-you definitely need this to keep everything else in

Keep in mind you may need other stuff for school and don't make your backpack too heavy or else you could hurt your back.

Have a great day,

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