Sailing into a New School Year #5 ~ Healthy Snacks

Hi Loves!

In years past when I came home from a stressful day at school, I always found myself looking for foods with little to no substantial nutritional value. Last year though, I came up with almost like a mini-menu of little snacks after school that kept me from eating the entire pantry. oops. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Applesauce and graham crackers is pretty much my holy grail snack. It is sweet and satisfying and it gives me lots of energy for when I go workout later. 

Classic and simple, fruit and small veggies is the way to go. Both super healthy and super sweet. 

Nutella and whole wheat bread is a perfect before a workout snack, it contains good fats, lots of good carbs for energy, and protein to help in the building and toning of muscles. 

Special K "Vanilla Almond" Cereal is a great alternative to a chocolate bar with almonds. It is sweet and yet it still has proteins and good carbs. Horray! 

Almonds are one of those snacks that are too easy to make. Well there is no making involved. They are a perfect snack to have on the way to workout or a sports practice. 

Every Friday though, I let myself go loose, just a little bit. Somersaults taste like a chocolate cookie but in reality they are just sunflower seeds and dutch cocoa. I love Cookie Chips they are cookie except they are thinner and the portion size is perfect. Lastly, my favorite alternative to Oreos are Newman's Own Ginger-O's they are just like Oreos except ginger and ginger is a very good spice to include in a healthy diet. I would pair any of these sweets with a 90 calorie Silk Pure Almond Milk -- which is sweet as well -- YUM! 

After a long day in the winter, I love to make myself a cup of tea while I do my homework. It stimulates my brain for the long evening of work and keeps me cozy. My favorites are Tazo "Passion" and Japanese- style Sweet Matcha. 

Remember, after school snacks should always be a tiny portion that holds you over until dinner time. Sweet foods should always be eaten in MODERATION.

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What's your favorite afternoon snacks? Email me at apairofchicpearls@gmail.com .

xx Kira 

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