Nighttime Routine

I would first like to say I am so sorry about this post! I had it schduled for 12:00 this morning but something went wrong!

A few week ago I shared my morning routine and I thought that now would be an appropriate time for an after school / night routine. Again, like when I get up in the morning, my after school schedule is spot on with the timing. Everything must be just so because my afternoons are crazy!

Every day I get home from school around 4:15 and then this is how my evenings are divided...

HOMEWORK // On a good day I can complete all of my homework in an hour. Homework does not really bother me because it drills the information I have already learned that day into my head. Pretty painless for me. I do my homework from 4:30 until 5:30. 

WORKOUT // I workout from 6:15 to 7:00 every single day. Even though it only lasts for 45 minutes, I am super sore and super sweaty afterwards. I love it. Sometime in the future I will share what I do. 

PIANO // After I come home from workout I eat dinner super quickly. Then it's off to play the piano I go. I have had a love/hate relationship with piano in the past. Now I am starting to love it again. I really hate drilling and learning new pieces, but the outcome is so worth it. Piano is a big part of my life, I go to a school specifically for piano. Everyday I play the piano from 8:00-9:00.

After 9:00 I turn off all of my electronics and place them in the charger for the next day. 

SHOWER // I know weird right, I have a picture completely devoted to showering? Well, when I shower I can conjugicate my verbs for French, reflect on my day, and plan for the next day. Showering gets me thinking. After I shower I wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I proceed to make my lunch. This step saves a lot of time in the morning. 

BEDTIME // Sometimes I read, sometimes I listen to relaxing music, or sometimes I write in a journal with a cup of tea. It all depend on the day and what I need to do to calm my self down. And on a really good day, it is lights out around 9:30. But everyday I go to bed at 10:00. Having a full eight hours of sleep really does make a difference for the next day. 

Have a lovely day! 

xx, Kira 

ps. Do you have any suggestions? Email me or leave me a comment. 

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