Welcoming 2014 :: Goals and Resolutions

I don't know about you guys, but I consider the actual start to the new year January 2. On New Year's Eve everyone is partying and celebrating the coming of a brand new year. While many people have great expectations for the upcoming year; a 12 o'clock wakeup on January 1st is most definitely not the proper way to start off. And plus, there is still more parties to go to right?

But now starts the first official resolution accomplishing day. This year I was very inspired by the Carly Heitlinger and her post on Moleskine journals. Recently, I was at a local store and I nearly sprinted to a whole wall filled with them. Not even kidding, filled. Naturally, I could not pass up an opportunity to splurge a little bit for a journal that will be my best friend all though out 2014.

Here in this category I have devised how I want to go about my year. I have decided not to just live life. This year I want to live my life with a purpose. "Slow down" is number one on my list. I need to learn to embrace each second of life. I need to find a way to calm down my monkey brain so I will find time to just quiet down and relax. I also spend way too much time on my phone doing who knows what. So basically, I just gave you an idea about how I am going to reshape my life this year. I am older this year and soon collage will be looming over my head. I will have lots of more responsibilities this year as I will be receiving (hopefully) not only my restricted driving license, but also my drivers license. I know there should be lots and lots of fun, but before that I need to start preparing for the future. 

bucket list
I have devised a simple category. These are just a few of my ideas to do this year. 

wishes and dreams
Unrealistic and not in the near future. Here are a few of the personal goals and material wishes that I would like to happen in 2014. 

Up above, I stated the point 85% vegan. This is going to be the biggest change for me in 2014. Now recently discovering that I am severely allergic to cashews and pistachios, I want to clear myself of anything having to do with tree nuts. I am really frightened of having another reaction so I am going to clear myself of that by eating the simplest of natures foods. Fruits and veggies are going to be my new best friend in the new year. But the only non-vegan animal products I am allowing myself to eat are only chicken and fish and whole wheat breads and an occasional sweet once a month. I have been preparing for this for a while now and I am so excited to commit to eating very healthy and working out at least five times per week. 

I am so excited what 2014 will bring for me. This will be my year to finally make a difference in the world. 

What are some of your goals? 

xoxo, Kira 


  1. Sharing your innermost thoughts, both privately (in a journal) or publicly (sharing them in your blog, or speaking them with friends and family) will make you an even better person. Good luck on your dreams as you grow and move toward independence.. My only goal at the beginning of this year is to continue to live long enough to share many more visits with you and all my family. GM

  2. How did you create the list, such as the one at the beginning of this blog post? Did you use Polyvore?

    1. I actually just used word and screen shotted it. And I added the piano ribbons and pearls in preview. I have a Mac, but I'm sure there is a way to do it on PC. :)


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