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Happy Tuesday! 

Mondays are especially hard and by the time Tuesday rolls around, I am already swamped with homework.  Recently I have been on a kick where I don't want to do anything and eat everything in sight. I think it is from the snow days. But now that I am back in school full time until a little mini three day weekend coming up, I think that it is time to find a way to get my head in that same position as well. Mental battles are always the hardest. 


Over the weekend I devised a list to live by in order to get everything done and correctly. I have always had anxiety when it comes to stress and work loads, but eventually I get through them.

Avoid the electronic cloud // It may be just me, but if I spend too much time on Instagram, reading blogs or even research from school; I get a funny fuzzy feeling in my head. I get kind of confused and sometimes even dazed to what I had been doing before prior to the electronic connection. So I have made a promise to myself that I would turn off all of my electronics; phone, computer, iPad at 8:00 sharp and ban them from my room except on Saturday night and Sunday mornings. This way I can truly wind down and spend some quality time with my family, my French verbs or Geometry Theorems or a good book.

Plan // I am pretty good at planning because of my fabulous Lilly planner. But some days that didn't cut it. Recently at an adventure to Target I bought the cutest month planner for the brand Sugar Paper LA. I am going to write everything down for the month so I can see exactly what I am doing and what need to do be done when. 

Bedtime // I don't even know. I need to remember that I am in school, still a minor and still creating the path for my future. Bedtime had always been a strict thing for me. For some reason now, I have found myself losing track of time doing homework, spending too much time getting ready for bed or showering way too late. I am now setting a bedtime for myself at 10:00 on the nose, if I'm not falling asleep at that time, I should be reading.

I am so ready to conquer the month of February and let you guys know how my lovely list is going. Do you have anything that you think I should add to my list in order to get things done? 

See you tomorrow! 

xo Kira 


  1. These seem like really good goals (that I should probably follow myself...) but they are reachable which is so important when people make goals! I am having a tough time getting back into school after my month and a half winter break so I will have to try something like this!

    Love Always,

    1. Reachable goals are the best kind of goals, they definitely have a better satisfaction at the end too. Let me know how it goes if you try some of these ideas!


  2. these are some really good goals, I too also find my self spending a bit to much time on the 'cloud' ,as evidenced my my commenting right now :)

    Rebecca Elizabeth


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