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With today being my last day before spring break, I am finally letting my mind let loose and start to wander. Tomorrow I travel to Miami, Florida for a short and sweet trip including shopping, modeling agency visiting and beach bumming it in the Keys. With adventure in the horizon I thought it would be best to share with you my favorite Instagram accounts. 

Sloane @ sailingseastyle has the best photography skills. Her posts feature fashion, food and travel.

Michael @ baristart is an amazing artists. However, his work is not on canvas, it is in coffee. 

Tiel @ tielduncanart has the most beautiful pastel art work. I love all of the bright, happy colors she incorporates. 

@nyc  is a photography featuring photos from the Big Apple. I am so wanderlust in my desire to move here soon. 

Chassity @looklingerlove has the most colorful and happy pictures ranging from scenery fashion to her adorable children. Her blog is super fun and adorable as well. 

I love photography. In the future, I hope to expand my photography skills to not only be more artistic on my Instagram, but also on my blog too.

I hope you had a great week. Cheers to the weekend! 

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  1. hey kira! love your blog. i follow you on instagram and you should definitely do a post about how you edit your photos/ the whats on your iphone tag! :)


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