Time is Now

It's been a while since there has been any sort of #MotivationMonday on the blog. And with summer just a few weeks around the corner (six, actually), this is the point in the school year where our minds begin to wander. Homework gets pushed aside, projects postponed and deadlines approach faster and faster. Recently I have been experiencing major summer fever: I can list at least twenty things I would rather be doing in my head while I am typing my physical science project or the #vsco looks appealing while I am studying for French. All in all, TIME IS NOW. Plan. Think. Act. Make this your motto, your mantra and your holy grail. Repeat it to your self when you wake up and right before you go to bed. Don't stop living and breathing this phrase until everything is done, I mean everything. This is the part of the year that goes the slowest, but at the same time it can slip away faster that you can hold on to it. 

Happy Monday, loves. Share some of your tips for surviving the school year in the comments below?

Plan. Think. Act. 

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ps -- The blog's name is now changed! More details will come later. The url will change on Thursday May 1st to www.kirabykira.blogspot.com .


  1. I am done in three days with my school year. If I wasnt, I think I would DIE. but I wish luck to you if you have much longer!!! :)

    Love Always,

    1. oooh jelly jelly! I am so done with this school year!

  2. ugh totally feeling the end of school year pain! these exams on exams on exams are killing me, but I know it's almost over and i finally get to relax! woo we can do it!!


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