Bad Quality Pictures, Good Quality Bedroom

New color soon to go on all my walls! 

Can you see it coming together?

Bad quality selfie, but totally worth it because my bedroom is so me.

Puppy snuggles on my beautiful bed. 
Afternoon study sesh along side some tea. 
Remember how awhile back I was so excited when I first selected my idea for my new room? Well this past weekend I have been quite busy in the room redo process. I have been taking it slow and finding inspiration in all possible places.

Friday after school, my mother and I visited a dear friend who is also an interior designer. After many "Omg, YES!!!" moments, running excitedly around the store and new ideas created I finally created a plan of action for my new room. On Saturday I picked up a sample of the new paint we selected on Friday and travelled around the town looking for vintage furniture inspiration for my humble abode. Unfortunately Saturday afternoon, my cold became extreme and I spent the afternoon laying in my bed reading a book and napping. Is that a problem? Not at all. While laying there I ran through my head of the many ideas for my room. Let me tell you, it is going to be awesome.

Sunday, I stayed home all day still recuperating from my awful cold. The agenda yesterday included snapping a few basic modeling pics, last minute homework and begin studying for my exams (today is my last Monday of the year !!!!!!). I became so grateful for my journey through out my freshman year of high school and I cannot believe that it is almost over. Many things are going to change next year, and I know that it is going to be for the better.

Have a happy, happy Monday! Think of laying by the beach, the smell of salty air and sweet summertime.

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