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It has always been clear that having a black blazer and a great pair of jeans are essentials that everyone must have in their closet. Over many experiences in the fashion world, blog reading and people watching, I have came to realize that there are many more pieces that should be added to the essentials list. And from recent personal experiences, I have started to gravitate towards more simple pieces and simplifying my outfits. Basic pieces such as the ones above can be very versatile and help to transition outfits from day to night, from casual shopping day with friends to a dinner date (lol, what's that?) All of the outfits above can mixed and matched to discover your perfect look. 

Personally, my favorite outfit is the shorts and tee combo. I just love the fact that the high-waisted shorts and the white V-neck create a very relaxed look, paired with the bag (#want), the necklace, the leather sandals and some great beachy waves it would be a great outfit for weekend flower runs. But if I am looking for more of a trendy model-interview attire I would pair the tee and shorts with the black point flats, a high bun and a the cool gold necklace. 

What are some of your essentials? 

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