I Heart (RED) Smoothies

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The Watermelon Jewel: half of a watermelon // 1-2 cups of water

Before I start anything, today is the second day of blogging on the new URL: so far … I'm totally loving. I have never felt a love so deeply for my blog and I can promise you that no template changes will take place any time soon. I am so so happy. 

In continuation with my "I Heart Smoothies" series (latest one, here), I present to you a jewel. This watermelon smoothie is truly sweeter than any candy that you can find. After a run/bike ride earlier in the week, this smoothie was the perfect reward. The consistency came out like more of a juice, and the coldness perfectly balanced my mega sweat. So instead of grabbing a heavy meal after any physical activity (and if you are absolutely tired of drinking water) this smoothie is the perfect swap providing necessary hydration, and the sweetness you crave. Seriously, it is like candy. 

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