Hey, hi, hello summer! With the official start of summer comes super amazing journeys on the horizon. Let me tell you, I could not be more excited. So Saturday, my mama and I decided to welcome the official start of summer by taking a trip to a local farm to pick peaches. You know it is summer when peaches are finally sweet and plump. I just cannot get enough of peaches!

With just a family of three, we realized that our 20 pound load of peaches would be just a little excessive for just us. Fresh peaches make awesome gifts when they are paired with adorable bags. I created some super peachy gifts that pleased all of my neighbors. Peaches remind me of a rustic barn and the true meaning of living in a southern place. What better compliments this rustic farmhouse feel better than red and white checkered cloth and adorable sayings? Trust me, if you need a peach pun I have you covered.

To top off this peachy summer start, the peaches we picked Saturday were beautifully ripened on Sunday. This was just in time for a spoonful of organic vanilla ice cream sprinkled with peaches: peaches and cream.
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