We all have role models in everything that we do. And when I first started blogging, there were a few people that have helped me start my journey. Carly Heitlinger has certainly the first person that made me want to start my own blog. Busy as she is living her amazing live, I'm so thankful that she had some time to chat.


CARLY HEITLINGER from The College Prepster 

What first prompted you to first start "The College Prepster"?

I started blogging when I was a freshman at Georgetown. I was struggling in my classes and desperately needed a creative outlet. A friend suggested that I start a blog and the rest is history!

It's been awhile since the very first outfit post on TCP, how has your style changed since then?
In a lot of ways, my style has stayed the same... it's just more grown up. For starters, I actually have disposable income to spend on nicer, higher quality clothes. (But I still incorporate a lot of my old wardrobe into what I wear!)

 Three things I cannot leave the apartment with are …
A book, earrings/rings (I feel naked without them), and my iPhone!

In a perfect world, what would your ideal evening be like?
Dinner outside at a favorite restaurant, followed by Netflix and ice cream!

My top three favorite favorite NYC brunch spots are …
Maison Kayser, Lafayette, and The Smith!

Teddy has an Instagram!!
What are some great aspects that little Teddy has brought into your life?
Not taking things as seriously. He makes me realize that there are more important things to life than just working all the time. Walking him is my favorite thing of the day!

My go to outfit is …

Favorite inspirational quote?
"Good, better, best. Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is your best."

Thank you so much Carly for taking the time to chat. Stay tuned, dear readers, for more Q&A segments from my favorite bloggers.

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