Happy Fourth of July! I hope that your day off is filled with fabulous food (like this adorable cake), fireworks and festivities. I'm going to take it pretty easy with a spin class followed by yoga, maybe some baking and lots of getting ahead in my online classes for next week.

- Speaking of next week, I leave for Ecuador on Thursday. Theres lots of packing and prep work to be done as well as playing around with my camera for epic pictures. I'm super excited for my first trip to South America!

- Do you have anything fun planned for today? I would definitely grab a few friends and take awesome pictures of words made from sparklers. I just love this post from Carly on how to do just that. 

- Summertime, for me, definitely equals pizza time! Since I'm not going to Italy this summer, my taste buds are a little off kilter (hehe) and I've been craving an Italian culture. Fear no more this recipe for pizza margarita is perfect and the picture will have your mouth watering in no time. 

- Tuesday I got my drivers license! I could not be more excited and relieved. All day Monday I was super stressed and Monday night I could barely sleep. The test went really well and fortunately, I passed! I do not have a car yet, but I have definitely been looking out for all of the adorable accessories that come with a car. I'm obsessed with the tassel trend. And tassel key chain it will be for me: I've found a super expensive one, a moderately priced one and an affordable one. Decisions, decisions. 

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