A lot has changed since I have last updated you on the progress of my room. I think now it is safe to say that this inspiration board that I have created are the final colors and patterns that will be going into my room. Before, I could think of nothing but the Old European, elegant room decor. I have come to realize that this wasn't truly who I was. After following Taylor Sterling (aka founder of The Glitter Guide) on Instagram for quite some time now, I have really attached to her tastes of bright colors and modern hues that are still clean and classic. 

The main focus of my room will still be my beautiful Anthropologie Georgina Bedding. To complement the creamy bed duvet, I selected a beautiful dark hardwood floor. My bed frame is exactly like the one in the picture, but instead of a harsh dark wood, mine is a beautiful light oak color to go along with the bedding. All of the walls are going to be painted the light cream color (it matches my duvet perfectly!!), except for the wall behind my bed. This wall will be painted a beautiful sea blue color to allow the light colored headboard to truly pop. 

All in all, my room is very neutral. But to make the room a little more exciting, I will be placing pops of color everywhere. I love pops of color on the floor and in little details such as the chair. It truly allows the room to come to life. And to tie in everything, I love these Edison bulb pendants to hang by my headboard to give my that vintage-y vibe that I am craving. 

 photo ScreenShot2014-03-29at31507PM_zps78b6635b.png

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