An End But Also A Beginning

I took over 4000 pictures from this year but these are some of my favorites :)
To say that senior year was the best year of high school is an understatement, it was by far the most incredible year of all the four. I would relive it again in a heartbeat ... hmm maybe not five AP classes but everything else, definitely. It was an incredible year of strengthening friendships and even creating some new ones. Honestly, I can't even begin to understand how it has already ended. Like wow, they weren't kidding when they said that senior year goes by in a heartbeat. You know what else  they weren't kidding about ... senioritis. Senioritis was alive and well my friends and I've never experienced anything like it. It really hit third quarter like for example when  I was staying up until Lord only knows how late practically screaming at my printer that had jammed while printing the paper that I had scrambled together at the very last second possible. I've never been that much of procrastinator in my life but gosh I am making a promise to myself that for my own sanity to never let procrastination get the best of me like it did. Yikes. I also had forgotten how mentally and emotionally draining the college application process was. My entire first semester was consumed by all things college and by the time second semester rolled around I had just accepted the fate that I wasn't in control of anything college and what ever happened would happen. I think I'm going to do a two part series chatting about applying to college, it was so much different than I had expected it to be. I also want to chat more about why I am going to the college that I am which is basically the main point of this post besides going through pics and collaging my favorites.

Sooo without further adieu ... I will be attending Wake Forest University ... but even more exciting news! I will be spending my first year in Copenhagen, Denmark!! I want to do a whole another post about how excited I am for this! It's a good thing that I'm already on summer break so that I can actually crank out these three blog posts.

For the first time in quite some time I am completely and genuinely happy and excited about the next year ahead of me. I have no idea what exactly is going to happen but all I know is that I am all in and so excited to not only learn a lot but also live a lot.

So here we are once again - rebooting the blog and my life after closing this chapter of my life. I am ready to commit to documenting this experience on my forever changing corner of the internet. I graduate from high school June 1. On June 2nd I travel to Portugal for two weeks with my family to kickstart the next chapter of my life: with a custom blog domain (!), with a years worth of adventure on the horizon, with amazing memories from this incredible senior year, with a sense of accomplishment with finishing high school with all As and with gratitude in my heart for this life. :)

xx Kira

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