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Scenes around Vestergade

Designmuseum Danmark

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Frederik's Kirke

One of the many soy chai lattes I've consumed this past week

It's been surprisingly sunny here in Copenhagen this past week - sunny meaning that for like 20 minutes around noon every day the sun decides to peek out from the clouds giving us mere humans a glimpse of its rays before the clouds quickly roll back in. Last weekend, my friend Abby came to visit from France and the whole morning it was sunny! I usually hate when people talk about the weather I find it such an obvious awkward conversation filler but after living in the land of minimal sun for some time now its such an important conversation to have so that you can reaffirm that you are not alone in how much you miss the seeing that damn ball of light ... lol

Classes have started again and I have found myself in quite the routine so far. And while they aren't my favorite subjects I've ever covered (well besides my European Politics one *major heart eyes*), I have found myself being more productive than usual and my time management skills so far this year are quite impressive. If it weren't for this hacking cough that I have been annoying my roommates and classmates with for the past two weeks and I could actually go to the gym without worrying about choking ... I would say that my life is pretty much in order ... for now.

I've been making some plans about how I am going to transition myself back into life on Wake Forest's campus next year and while I am not quite ready to talk to you about them quite yet I am excited for the year I have ahead - especially since this transition will be possible because I did quite well both last semester and in high school to allow me to have a little wiggle room in my schedule; not to mention the three extracurriculars I am super interested in pursuing.

Remember a little while back how I was talking about how much I wanted to go to an all oatmeal restaurant called Grød? Thank goodness Abby was in town this weekend because I finally had a chance to go. For a gal like myself who's favorite food in the world is oatmeal this place was basically heaven.

Oh also, I've reached a new level of *adult* ... I can drink coffee black now with no problem. :)

While I am making plans for next year sometimes I have to kick myself (not literally ... all the time) that like hellooooo I am living in Europe right now! I've definitely been exploring both old and new parts of Copenhagen and I have some very exciting trips planned. This weekend I am going to Switzerland because I have been dying to see the Swiss Alps and also to visit a fellow American turned European for a year. I have two more trips planned after that one to somewhere warm (and somewhere I have been before) for a gals weekend and then a week in somewhere VERY VERY VERY EXCITING AND NEW.

That's all for now, I promise to keep up with this little blog more this year and continue to take a lot of photos for my Instagram.

All my love,


Oh my gosh, happy freaking February

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