No Broken Bones This Time

Four years ago I went to Switzerland for the first time and since then I had always wanted to go back. One of my favorite travel stories to tell is from Switzerland. It was a beautiful summer day in St. Moritz and after a morning of hiking around the countryside and an idyllic lunch in some Alpine pasture, the plan was the spend the afternoon mountain biking. Being the beach gal that I am I have only ridden a beach cruiser and up until this point I had never ridden a bike with brakes on the handles, much less multiple gears and manual settings. By nature I am athletic (more so then than now, thanks college ;) but my athleticism did make me a little cocky this day in Switzerland and I would be lying if I said I wasn't warned but one downhill and one squeeze too hard of my handlebar brakes and I went flying over my bike. It's funny now that I write it because the first thing I said to my dad right after the accident was "Dad just tell me ... are my teeth ok? I can't feel my teeth." He reassured me my teeth were perfectly fine but that was definitely the least of our problems - starting with my smashed helmet, bloody (slightly broken) nose, and (definitely) broken left arm. The first and only time I have ever broken a bone was in freaking Switzerland while mountain biking and while it was completely miserable at the time since I was basically a walking medicine cabinet in a splint the rest of our trip through Austria and Germany until I got my arm reset (without meds ugh) back home in the States - it's my favorite story to tell.

Two weekends ago I went back to Switzerland and visited Zurich and a fellow American-turned-European (who actually can speak another langauge now!) in Zug and Luzern for a weekend. Honestly Switzerland was everything that I remembered: gorgeous - especially since it was covered in snow - and expensive. I can't remember the last time I saw mountains before coming to Switzerland this year and because I so rarely see them I can't help but lose my breath at their beauty. Of course I ate chocolate, but also discovered that Swiss beer isn't that bad - but in all honesty I wouldn't trade Italian wine for anything in the world.

Most importantly: this time there was no broken bones and I actually got to see the sun - something we rarely see here in Copenhagen.

Next stop: Barcelona! (And then ... well you will just have to wait and see but it's somewhere completely new :)

Life is so so good right now ... there are so many exciting things happening that if you would have asked my one year ago where I would be I would have not even fathomed that this would have been possible. 2018 is going to be incredible. (Also I turn 20 ... what?)

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