First Month

Hi again. This past month has brought about a lot of closure, which has been peaceful and comforting given the whirlwind that has been these past few months. I'm one of the lucky ones and each an everyday I recognize that: the people closest to me are healthy, my family members have stable employment and I have just framed my (very expensive) college degree. 

In the last thirty days or so I have been quite insulated from the world that awaits me, 

This is all about to change in 8 days when I pack up my life at home and relocate to my new home: Washington, D.C. 

Since March 2020 every single thing in my life that I had once taken for granted has been brought to the surface and many important parts of the reality that I once knew so well have been or will be re-written. From the way that life was lived, how I interacted with human beings and how I added my voice to a conversation greater than my own life have been changed forever. In the future, I can see how job interviews and recruiters will ask me the question "What did you do during the pandemic?" and I've been hard on myself so far because in the grand scheme of things my contribution has been seemingly minimal. But as I have learned, comparison kills and in taking a step back I have done a lot during this time. 

I have graduated from a top tier university magna cum laude in three years and two majors. I have taken courses in finance and accounting to begin the expansion of my own knowledge portfolio and prepare myself for the new field I am about to enter. I have also spent hours researching niche Fintech firms and used my political science background to question how these innovations in banking and finance will shape the way that humans interact forever - specifically the young generation that I am a part of. I have watched the world change before my eyes and have challenged myself to be more active in social justice and equity issues that I am passionate about and educating myself on how to be a more proactive ally and advocate for the marginalized members of my country -- specifically the Black Lives Matter Movement, the LGBTQIA+ Community and American Immigrants. 

It's been a lot of introspection this past month and taking care of my own person (I would like to plug the Pelaton app for existing during this time -- I do not have a bike, but the strength workouts are incredible).  

I am very privileged to have this period of "reflection", but with eight days left of this peaceful time in my life I am beginning to pivot (a word I have seen a lot recently) my activism and graduate education to be more than just acquisition of knowledge, but more so of challenging myself to put this knowledge into action. What better way to face my internalized fears and rise to the opportunity than in our nation's capital? I am excited to get back out there - socially distanced and mask wearing of course!

June 26th 2020, I'm (almost) ready for you. (Also, that is a big day for #DCStatehood vote)  

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