Happy Monday! ~ Visit to Mykonos

Hello Loves! 

So, this Monday marks the very first Monday for the 2013-2014 school year for Cathie and I!

So anyway, I know it is hard to transition into a new school year, I am even suffering from post-summer depression, but everyday remember why school can be fun. 

1. Choosing an outfit for each day of the week is super fun to me.
2. I love seeing my friends and squealing over the latest new from them
3. I love packing a healthy lunch for school. It is especially rewarding when lunch is at 1 o'clock. (hint hint post soon) 

But just holding on to the last little bit of summer, I would like to share some picture with y'all from my trip to Europe.

Today I take you to Mykonos, Greece! 
(yes, like in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

The beaches overlooking a beautiful island that is the birthplace of Apollo. I almost lost my hat taking this picture. It was EXTREMELY WINDY! 

Why was I squinting in the last picture? All of the houses and buildings are white washed and super reflective of the sun, but absolute breath taking against the cloudless sky. (my computer wallpaper) 

I love stopping at local bakeries. Today I sampled a yummy apple cookie and not to mention the baklava! 

Mykonos town is just along the shore. You can see the fish boats and their local catch. And while sitting at the cafes you can even be splashed by the pounding waves. 

Post ideas? Email me at apairofchicpearls@gmail.com .

xx Kira 

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