Whimsical Weekend: Out West and Tea

 Hello Lovelies!

If you ever are thinking about having tea one day sometime soon, ditch the tea bag and order some chinese tea leaves. While I was in San Francisco I went to Chinatown and visited a tea shop.  There is just such a difference between tea bags and fresh tea leaves; they are great for your "tea parties" and such. They also have benefits to them.

(from top to bottom)

Lichee Black: has a sweeter taste like sweet tea but is all natural sugar and has none added to it.
Blue People Ginseng Oolong: has a long name but is delicious. Out of the three it has the most caffeine just like coffee but unlike coffee it does not dry out your skin or give you wrinkles.
Oolong: is a very light tea that smells like popcorn and detoxicates you after a meal.

Each one of these boxes last for about a month and if you want to order some go to the Vital Tea Leaf website.
Or if you are in San Francisco go to their shop in Chinatown. The tastings are free! 

My teacup and a little centerpiece of tea leaves on the counter.

The wall of tea that was next to my family and I while we tasted tea and afterward bought our favorites. (There was another wall of tea behind us, so much tea!)

Have a great day,

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