Monday Fashion Inspiration

Happy Monday Loves!

I love looking for fashion inspiration everywhere I can and every chance I get. Over the past few months I have found my ultimate fashion inspiration; and her name is Sarah Vickers. I found her through Rachel Timmerman and I have completely fallen in love with her style. It is so classy and so chic and old fashioned ... and all together simply perfect.

She lives a very posh life in New England with her preppy friends and her completely perfect for her boyfriend KJP. They have summertime parties, bonfires, and apple picking. Their kind of life is to die for. I have completely fallen in love with it, and one day when I am older after I leave New York City, I would love to have a life like theirs: full of adventure and having the best time with my dear friends doing high class activities.

Sarah's style is perfection; very elegant and very classy. I enjoy taking inspiration from her blog and applying it to my personal style.

Ladies and Gentleman without further adieu I would like to present Sarah Vickers:

(she and KJP are just too adorable) 

Have an absolutely lovely day!

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xx, Kira 

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