Six School Staples

Hi Loves!

I have a pretty standard routine for school. I get up at 6:00, get dressed, have breakfast, and my mom drives me to school. Once I get at school, I see my friends and chat for a little bit and then its right to class I go. And during each class, there are six things I always find myself grabbing. 

Mechanical Pencils // For some reason wood pencils and I just seem to not get along. I always tend to by the same colorful mechanical pencils; they are cheap, they come in bulk, and they just do their job. I like these because there is no fancy contraption on this pencil, plain and simple they just write. 

Thermal Cup  //  Every morning I bring tea to school. Tea is such a wonderful alternative to coffee, it is calorie free and it has a nice natural amount of caffeine in it. Well at least enough to get me to lunch time. (Look for a post about my morning teas combinations very soon) 

My Purse  // This purse is a perfect size to hold all of my little things that  I need for school. I will do a post a lot more in depth about my purse soon. 

Planner  // I am absolute in love with my planner! She helps keep me super organized with school, social, and blogging schedules. 

Lilly Stickers  // These dainty little stickers are so cute. I label binders, folders, my planner,  and practically any thing I can get my hands on with Lilly goodness. 

Colorful Pens  // Again, I like to keep my school supplies plain and simple, not too fancy because I tend to forget and lose my pens and pencils anywhere. These pens are perfect for color coding my planner for important dates and color coding my notes.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

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xx Kira 

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