How To ~ Be a Morning Person

Happy Monday!! 

Mondays are not so bad. They signal a start of a fresh and new week full of new experiences and opportunities. The only problem? The alarm going off at 6:00.

Last week I talked about some of my favorite quotes to motivate me through out the week. Today I would like to share with you five of my favorite ways to wake myself up in the morning and prepare for a great day every day.

SKIP THE SNOOZE // Challenging right? Somedays I even allow myself to hit my snooze button not once, but TWICE. Getting up right when your alarm first goes on and skipping the snooze button will make you feel less groggy and more refreshed. But first start with actually leaving the bed. 

LIGHT WORKOUT // Wake up not only your mind, but also your muscles in the morning. Try a few pushups or sit-ups or even simply doing the downward facing dog to wake up every cell in your body. 

ENERGIZE YOUR DAY // Starting my day off with happy and upbeat music really makes me happy. I automatically feel more awake and rested. My favorite music source is Pandora. 

GET DRESSED UP // One of the main reasons I dress so fancy for school is because it makes me feel put together and less "I still wish I was sleeping". I tend to stay more focused during school when I am am forced to keep my two feet flat on the ground while wearing a skirt or dress. 

BREAKFAST // NEVER EVER SKIP BREAKFAST. Breakfast is the meal that keeps you going through out your day. It creates instant energy. Have some coffee or tea for extra caffeine in the morning. 

xx, Kira


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