Talking It Out

Wow, what a week so far. The only way I could describe it would be crazy, hectic, and never stopping.

This week so far has been crazy and nonstop. Here is the quote I lived by. And please look at my Twitter, I have a current obsession with lavender. 

On Sunday, I spent the morning catching up on some homework and piano. And in the afternoon, I celebrated my late birthday with a few of my closest friends. I will share my experience on that very soon. For the rest of Sunday, I went to Target, ate a lovely salad, watched (sort of) Ben Hur, and went to sleep at ten. 

Monday was a big day for me. It started as a wonderful day off from school for a teacher work day. I mentioned on Twitter that I would be taking the written part of the driving test to get my learners permit. I had been studying like crazy for months the driving manual and been doing exam questions from the app every night. I was so totally and completely ready. However, thanks to my MAJOR test anxiety; I did not end up passing the written part of my drivers exam. I cried from anger because I was so OCD while taking the test and I knew I was ready. God wanted to give me another chance. My daddy took me to Starbucks and there we sat for a good hour talking about my dream for after high school over my skinny vanilla latte and pumpkin cooke. (NOT what I eat on a daily basis) I had some retail therapy, but only came out with a comfy shirt from Patagonia and a pair of socks for my future Bean Boots. I went home and played the piano, did last minute homework, and killed my workout (bam bam). I ate and went to sleep.

Yesterday, I went to school and took my French quiz and watched ice melt in physical sciences and learned about triangles in geometry. woo. My mother dearest picked me up at lunch and took me back to the DMV. I was so mentally prepared for this driving exam this time you have no earthly idea. Hard work + determination = success. I passed my exam! Hooray!! I spent the rest of the afternoon driving with my mama and practicing my three-point-turns. I had my piano lesson, which went really well and I came home and completed my homework. Lastly I went for my first drive at night. I took a shower and went to sleep peacefully. 

Have a lovely Wednesday! 

xx, Kira 

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