Organizing November

Do you ever go through those phases in your life when you are so happy because your life is completely organized and everything is in place? Heavens, I am NOWHERE near that right now. 

I am the type of person where everything is organized and perfectly in place. Except the last few weeks have been completely and utterly crazy. I am having so much trouble keeping my clothes off the floor! This November I will do a post every Monday about organizing because I am really lacking inspiration. I need to get my room cleaned and everything else in my life clean all the way down to what app is where on my phone. 

Every weekend I devote some of my time to cleaning my room. Monday it stays clean. But after Tuesday, there are clothes, books, and other objects sprawled all over the floor. Help! 

These items are some of the major things that are unorganized at the moment. But as you know, one thing can lead to another and pretty soon I will be doing some extreme organizing. 

Can you say fall cleaning? 

What are some of your tips to stay organized? 

xx, Kira 

PS. I will be unveiling my Instagram name soon! 


  1. I haven't done this yet, but I think I'm going to start scheduling specific times during the week where I set aside an hour or so to clean, do laundry, etc. I use a weekly planner, but I don't always have it on me, and I think I need to change that too! It's really helpful when figuring out what to do and making sure I don't over commit

    jess | Quaintrelle

    1. That is a great idea! I have a problem as to which I spend too much time cleaning. I need to allot a certain time period in which I can get as much cleaned as possible, even if it isn't complete. Everything is great, until I need to decide what to wear in the morning. :)

      xx, Kira


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