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Thanksgiving Break!! 

Traveling is my forte. I have had so much experience these last ten years of my life, that when it comes to traveling I am so very prepared. I have gone out of the country more than six times and have visited over thirty countries al over the globe. It is what my family and I love to do when we have time off, also traveling to all of these places really helps me with my school work. But traveling isn't as easy as just jumping on the plane and arriving to your destination. Going through security is a major hassle, airports come with their many downfalls and let us not even forget the actual plane ride.

Today I am leaving at 11:50 from the Charlotte, NC airport (no I don't live there) and taking a lovely plane up to the northeast. I am so excited. There will be snow on the ground!! I haven't seen snow in almost seven years! This domestic flight will be a walk in the ball park with these few tips that I have acquired over my years of traveling.  

Style // Plane style is super annoying. It is very hard to look cute and travel. I know. So my choice for traveling would be something comfortable, yet very warm and snuggly. I love wearing leggings they are so amazing yet they look cute. For a more put together look I opt for jeggins or very soft jeans. As for shirt, one simple rule to follow : NO BUTTON DOWNS. Button downs are unconfortable and are very prone to wrinkles. I love sweatshirts (like this one) to travel in. Ones from J. Crew are oh so adorable and oh so comfortable. As for shoes, I reccomend ones that are easy to slip on and off. 

I carry all of my onboard essentials in a large Le Pilage bag -- so cute and so spacious. 

Read // I know it is hard to read on planes. I often read in airports with music in my headphones. Right now I am reading The Lovely Bones. Have you read it? What do you think?

Nourish //  Plane rule number one for nourishing your body in the dry and cold climate : ALWAYS HAVE WATER. Water is very essential for keeping your skin from drying out in the climate. Also, I always have hand sanitizer, lotion and Chapstick on hand  to keep my skin plump and moist. Try wearing little to no face makeup when traveling, it helps the retain moisture as well. Water also helps to prevent you from excess snacking. I always stay away from the fat and grease filled options there are in most airports. If I do eat: in the airports I will go for a tall skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks, or I will chow down on a cookie dough Zone perfect bar. This bar tastes like cookie dough. Not even going to lie. I eat less in airports because I know there will be amazing food at my destination. 

Entertain // Books. Music. Movies. iPad. Instagram. Blog. iPhone. Need I say more? 

If you are traveling for Thanksgiving have very safe travels! 

Have any more suggestions, questions or comments for traveling? Put the in the comments below! 

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xx, Kira 

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