Bubble, Bubble + #therealselfie

I haven't had a real break from work, studying and just life since the summer time. I have now finished all of my midterms and first semester is at its close. Let's just say I am totally getting my butt kicked this freshman year of high school, it has totally been extremely challenging and I am having troubles with some of the subjects and work load. But now, I am done with a lovely five day weekend to complete the picture. This weekend I am devoting time to myself: sleeping, reading and (eek!) partially redoing my room. #relief

Unfortunately, yesterday (which was the day of my most important midterm) I woke up with a sore throat. Through out the day I started to feel worse. When I got home I made one of my most favorite smoothie (post coming soon!) and laid on the couch for three hours. Ready to hear the crazy part of my evening? I ate dinner really fast. And then I took a bubble bath for another two hours and watched my recordings of PLL and Switched at Birth. Perfect right?

In fact, I felt so relaxed afterwards that I made a list of reasons I need to take a bubble bath more. I really found this time beneficial to my overall personal being. 

Yesterday, Carly did the most beautiful post about sharing he real self. I thought it would be very appropriate for me to include a picture of the real me, the fresh out of the bubble bath me. This person that types many stories for your pure enjoyment is real. I am a real freshman in high school trying to find the perfect balance of many things -- school, friends, blogging, future careers, tests and so much more. I know I am young and still have a life ahead of me, but times are changing. We younger girls are starting to become equipped with older minds that are more aware of what the world is truly like. I personally understand the sad things that comes with the world today and the perfect image that each and every girl has for themselves.

As much as I love putting on makeup, doing my hair all nice and wearing cute clothes: it still has taken time for me to be truly happy with myself au naturale. But I am only fifteen and I am completely and utterly confident in my skin and most importantly my body figure. I have had many bumps in my ongoing road, but the best thing that I have gotten out of freshman year is finally becoming happy in my heart for being who I truly am. 

-- I have awful lighting in my bathroom because of the real selfie aspect the iPhone does not do the quality of the pictures justice. -- 
My name is Kira
i have blonde hair and gray-blue eyes
i have two scars on my face from previous skin procedures
my nose has a bump in the middle of it because i broke it when i severely broke my arm
my hair is super thin and super wavy
i am shy when you first meet me, but once the shell is broken I am very outgoing and always laughing
i am six feet tall 
because of my height, my legs take up about 70% of my total body proportion, 
therefore even "long" pants don't cut it 
my left hand is bigger than my right
sometimes in pictures my left eye is lazy (lol)

There now you can see the real me, and I am proud of showing the real me to the world. 

Thank you for being the best readers I could ever ask for! 

xo, Kira 


  1. Congrats on completing your midterms. Have a great long weekend! xoxo

  2. Gorgeous!

    PS. We've a Manhattan Vintage Show on our blog! Check it out!

    ox from NYC!


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