Playlist No. 1

Okay before I start this post there is a very important message that I need to convey. Ready?
today. is. a. snow. day. I live in the south and the last time we had a snow day was almost four years ago. Today it is supposed to snow here and only be a high in the 30s. That is saying a lot for us southerners, I am so excited! I finished all of my homework for the next three days last night so that way I can have a free day of relaxation and cuddling under the covers in my new bed

I absolutely love music. It is such a nice way to pass the time when reading, showering, doing homework or just relaxing. I listen to all kinds of music. Today I am going to share with you my playlist that I use when I am doing homework. I worked on my school work for almost six hours yesterday (we got out at noon) because I wanted to have no work to do on my snow day. Music truly helped me when I was giving up. While I am doing homework along the lines of "busy work" I like to have music that is happy, upbeat and will keep my thoughts positive. I put my headphones on turn the volume up and away into concentration I go. Not going to lie, sometimes I get yelled at for singing way to loud. oops. 

While doing homework I listen to very bass heavy and strong electronic vibration music. 

Do you have any playlists or Pandora station suggestions? I would looove to hear. 

xo Kira 

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  1. Ahh! so exciting that you got a snow day! And even better that you finished your homework ;)
    I'll have to check out some of these songs - thanks for sharing!

    1. It's so rare that we get any day off down here, but when we do it is always the best! And no work is even better. :)

      Most of these songs can be found on Ellie Goulding radio on Pandora.



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