The No Makeup Makeup

As much as I love makeup, there are just some mornings where I don't feel like putting it on and don't feel exactly comfortable with out it on. Yesterday morning was one of those mornings where I woke up in the middle of a sleep cycle. After that, I felt pretty groggy for the rest of the morning until my cappuccino break with my dad at around three. Definitely not one of my best days, but hey it prompted a fabulous blog post idea. 

Everyone has those days where they feel less than superior about themselves, right? Bad skin, chapped lips and static hair can be real confidence drainers. But I have a way to eliminate each of those terrible things. Overnight vaseline treatment, a headband and pony tail and my very special "no makeup makeup" look. In this look I use the simplest of makeup to achieve a great result of a fresh, (more important) lively look. Ready to hear the best part? I only use four (technically six) products.

Wow, normally when I wake up I don't look this bad. Yesterday was a horrible skin day: lovely bags under my eyes, my scar looking extra pink and well my overall complexion sour and uneven. So the first thing I did was apply sunscreen on my face and especially over my scar. My sunscreen is a special kind with zinc oxide to really help prevent the sun's harmful rays from making my incision line darker. Yes, even though it is winter remember to apply sunscreen it is super important. I applied a thin dab of concealer on my scar and under my eyes to cover and brighten my complexion. Then, I powdered my concealer to make it last all day, and also applying a touch to my nose and eyebrows. I don't know why exactly I applied some on my eyebrows but I did. Then I curled my eyelashes and applied a generous amount of mascara to the top lashes to open my peepers to the world, carefully making sure that it didn't get clumpy.  To finish the look, I applied a tiny tiny bit of a darker than natural lip color to my lips. 


At this point my hair was still a mess, later I put on a headband and tied my hair in a fabulous pony tail. I could not get it to look nice for the life of me down because it was so staticy. 

What is your favorite way to do a simple makeup look? 

xo Kira

ps :: I need some tips to make my hands super soft. I've tried the Vaseline treatment several nights in a row but my hands and cuticles will not stop cracking! Help! 


  1. Have you ever tried Cetaphil? Good luck! GM

  2. I love using BB creams!


  3. Love the post! Although you don't look horrible at all in the first picture! I have rosacea, acne, scars and huge pores (regardless of what I try or how many dermatologists I see, these problems seem to be unfixable). I'd love to get away with such a quick routine, but I'm stuck on my HD Foundation. Have you tried the Nivea lightly pigmented lip balms yet? They are amazing! They work like the Vaseline, but add a bit of much needed colour. Either that or the Benefit Posietint? Its great for adding a bit of colour to your lips and cheeks!


  4. I love BB cream, great post!



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