I believe that New York City is the most charming at two points in the day: mid-morning before the tourists can be found and late evening, right after dinner. On day two of my extra ordinary adventure, I started the day off by wandering throughout the city in search of a simple brunch. Mission : coffee and croissants. Corso Coffee is an adorable restaurant that is in the heart of the city. I love Italy, and the fact that Corso was established as an Italian coffee spot made my two favorite things meet. yum

Another thing that was quite nice about visiting the city before true tourist season arrives is that many of the main attractions are not as crowded as usual. The M&M store on Times Square was the perfect stop for an après le petit-déjeuner snack. So naturally, I had to do the self serve M&M bar. My favorites would have to be the peanut butter M&Ms, and oh the raspberry ones are super yummy as well. 

So after a morning of wanderings, lets get real, it was time to do some major shopping along Fifth Avenue. I had such an amazing time going up and down Fifth Avenue looking at all of the awesome stores. My favorite store was the Ted Baker. Everything was so cute and British. 

Running to get food! Because I didn't eat anything on my entire trip in the city (kidding!!), I was so excited to go to my favorite restaurant in all of NYC, Tao. A historical moment in my life ask occurred today: I wore a crop top. I mean sure, I've worn crop tops for modeling gigs before like no big deal. But this day, I wore a crop top in public for the very first time. I felt a little exposed, but overall I got over my fears of midriff!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures in my favorite city on Earth! 

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  1. Save a little love for Middlefield! GM

  2. Looks like you had a super fun time. Ps. love that striped crop top! So cute & different.

  3. Hi Kira, I love your blog and was hoping maybe we could become friends! I'd really like that, hopefully you want to follow my blog as I followed yours! Hope to hear from you soon! Would be awesome to stay in touch! :) xo



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