Travel Tuesday :: Charleston, SC

After almost a week wandering throughout New York City, I was so reluctant to come home to Charleston. I know one day I will live in NYC, but I was so overwhelmed with gratitude because there is truly no other place than home.

WHAT :: St. Phillips Anglican Church

This beautiful church has been around since the 1800s. It is a staple in the skyline of Charleston because it holds one of the largest steeples in the Holy City. Charleston is known as the Holy City because of the number of churches it is home to. 

Iron work is also very prominent around the Historic District. There are so many beautiful designs that are very unique to their location. The majority of the iron is made right here, in Charleston, by local iron experts.

See that pink (its actually white) building on the left? I went on a field trip with my French class there. It is one of the oldest Huguenot Churches, established by French Huguenots when they first settled into Charleston in or around the late 1700s and 1800s. Fun fact: most of the tombstones in the rear of the Church have their eulogies written en fran├žais

Because of the location of beautiful Charleston, there are nautical details everywhere. I haven't spotted this beautiful iron anchor until recently. 

Another part of Charleston that I love is the hidden courtyards. That car is on the main road. I am shooting this picture in a little alleyway and on either side of me are amazing iron gates leading to beautiful southern homes. 

Don't you feel as if though you stepped back in time? 

This is Waterfront Park. It has a view of the beautiful Cooper River and a little further out is Fort Sumpter. Waterfront Park has many beautiful grassy areas for picnicking as well as beautiful benches on a pier perfect for reading a book in the warm (read : hot) summer sun. Children love to run and wade about in this fountain. I totally wanted to join them in the cool water, so refreshing. 

Classic southern sweets at a local candy store by the market. The interior of the candy sotre looks like an old general store filled with buckets of numerous types of candy from taffies to gummy worms.

Thats all in this segment of Travel Tuesday. Be sure to keep an eye out for more segments about my beautiful hometown: Charleston, SC. 

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