Instagram is hands down my favorite form of social media. Since my love for photography has really bloomed over the past six or so months, I find myself posting and following people more and more. There are so many different ideas that can be portrayed on just one account. Typically when you scroll through my feed you will see crisp and artsy photos, adventure, food, health / fitspo photos, fashion photos and of course a few of my friend's classic "friend" pictures. To say the least I have followed at least 200 more "artsy" accounts in the past month, and that has greatly influenced how my pictures are taken … I have also discovered more blogs via the Gram. 

so here is how it's done … 

So first things first, I find a subject that is worth taking a picture of. I typically gravitate towards food (… Instagram or Foodstagram?), my feet or the occasional travel or fashion pic. I just try to find colors and situations that really pop to me. In fact, I've been loving just a simple white background and letting the subject be the pop of color whether it be food or an accessory. Something along this picture if you aren't so sure to what I am talking about. I talk roughly 20 pictures in order to get the perfect shot, a little weird I know.

Then to edit my pictures I have two apps that I absolutely love. If a picture needs to be backlight or I forgot to put on a flash, I absolutely love Camera+. It is a great basic photo editing app because of the many technical features it has to offer. I typically am lucky enough to get a good light and my photo is directly opened in VSCO Cam. Oh my, I love this app. If I could use only this one app for the rest of my life I totally would. I like to keep the editing simple but effective. I just go for the F2 filter and then boost the contrast just a hair. Then I give the picture a cooler temperature and finish off the picture with just a little fade, enough to soften the picture. Voila!

After recently becoming obsessed with iPhone photography I have devised a few ideas that I live by each and every time I edit my pictures … 

Angle adjustment is everything. With this simple modification you can see the details in my dress as well as the color of the necklace and the ratio of my body to the wall to the gas light.

The first picture has no effects on it. And if Ladurée macarons aren't gorgeous enough, adding a light filter makes all the colors in the picture pop.

Okay this zoom might just seem the same as angle adjustment, but I promise it's a little different. With zoom you can truly focus at one specific point in your picture. I mean no one really wants random people tanning in their pictures. 


As promised, here are a few of my new favorite Instagram accounts … 

most favorite newly found accounts : Lucy @lucylaucht , Carin @parisinfourmonths 
favorite fashion accounts : Cailli and Sam @beckermanblog (not really my style but they are so cute!), Jacey @damselindior , Robin @robinvancrabb
cool perspective : Kate @viewfromthetopp
fitspo : Sjana @sjanaelise (crying) 
cutest baby : Taylor @taylorsterling

Who are some of your favorite Instagram accounts? Let me know! I love following new people.

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  1. Is this complicated? You seem so efficient so please come back and teach me! I found this to be very informative, so thank you. GM


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