I am a city girl. My dream is to take up a studio apartment in New York City, or a quaint loft in Paris. But every once in a while, it's nice to step outside this comfort zone and explore the countryside. This past weekend my mom and I took a trip to the middle-of-nowhere-Amish-country Ohio to see my grandmother and grandfather before my immediate family's expedition to Ecuador! Making memories cleaning kitchens, eating Grandma's perfect chocolate chip cookies and singing "Let It Go" with my fabulous cousin was truly a great little gift trip smack dab in the middle of summer.

My grandparent's town is like taking a step back into a time machine. There are old-school ways that in the modern world, that typically are not seen present all over the town. Many local businesses still hand make the majority of their products such as fine fudges, creamy chocolate and amazing beeswax body lotions and potions. But the most old fashioned aspect of the quaint little town is the Amish population. No, not like the TLC reality show Amish, but the real, down to Earth Amish who have the perfect balance of the green thumb and amazing culinary skills. My grandmother has an Amish friend who helps her maintain her beautiful garden. She also makes a fabulous bread, just like the pioneers did. Oh and the cinnamon rolls .. the gooey maple frosted Amish cinnamon rolls .. are just divine. Northeastern Ohio is home to many forms of agriculture such as corn and soybeans, but the most decadent product is their maple syrup. This maple syrup is not Aunt Jemima's thick syrup, oh no honey no, this syrup is so thin and so so sweet. Many sweets are made from this maple syrup such as maple candy, maple cream and maple fudge. Unfortunately for me these sweets are just too sweet that I feel as if though met teeth might fall out. I think I will just stick to this delicious syrup on my waffles. 

My grandmother has a beautiful century home. In every corner there is a surprise from the past waiting to be discovered. In the garage there is a whole wall filled with memories and old photographs from my mother's, aunt's and uncle's high school experience. My mother (pictured holding the golf trophy) was an overachiever in high school. She played basketball, but her fabulous grades crowned her valedictorian of the small high school. 

My grandparents have the most beautiful back yard thanks to their Amish friend who helps to tend to the numerous flowers. My grandmother is an avid water aerobics goer, reader and baker. She loves to read. Every statue in her garden is of somebody reading. 

My grandmother even checked out this great Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts book from her library. In my minimal quiet time at casa Trybus, I skimmed through this book planning some last minute desserts before Ecuador. And the table in the sun room was the most perfect place to document these last few moments on the countryside.

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  1. Thank you for coming!! So much "stuff" but too little time. Yes, I am the keeper of delicious memories! Come back soon, please. GM


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