I'm actually obsessed with these posts. You think from seeing so many beautiful pictures on Instagram, that people live the picture perfect lives that they are trying to portray. In reality, people are not perfect. I love reading the stories behind the pictures that are worthy of the 'Gram.

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What it looks like: Charleston home to many quiet, secluded bakeries on every corner. And naturally, a trip downtown is not complete without a croissant and coffee break. 

What actually happened: This road is super busy because it is right off the main road. I swear I had to doge so many cars just to get one picture - actually standing in the middle of the road. When I got the right angle - another car goes by - I realize that the wind isn't blowing so the flag just looks like blah. So after almost getting hit by several cars, I got a fabulous picture with a good angle and the flag swelling the breeze. Ha, I dint even buy croissants. We had family in town so raspberry tartlets were a goo d option for a lazy dessert - cut up, put on whipped cream. 

What it looks like: No Friday night is complete without a visit to a new restaurant. And on this particular date, we decided to explore the new French spot. Our table is always clean, and our silverware is always lined up. Oh and we don't do carbs, so our bread basket is barely touched. 

What is actually happening: My father is snacking on pomme frites and my mother has eyes only for her fish. I spent at least five minutes styling the picture before dinner was served. Even after the dishes arrived, the a basket of bread was not there, so naturally I made my parents wait for the bread basket  (number three) to complete the picture. Famous quote: "Kira hurry up before it gets cold!!"

What it looks like: I'm an sea lion whisperer.

What is actually happening: In the Galapagos, you are really not supposed to waltz right up to an animal. But I thought it would make fore a great picture if my feet were just inches away from a sleeping sea lion. So, I carefully, ever so slightly moved toward the two sleeping sea lions, held my breath, leaned over and took a burst on my phone of about 100 photos in all different angles. I'm such a rebellious person.

What it looks like: Nothing says late summer like an ice cold Izze am I right? And this tall vine I saw on the side of a brick building was just the perfect background for a snap before I start to drink this cold deliciousness.

What is actually happening: Well to start off with, I started to gulp down the Izze, but the I thought "Wait!!!!! This is would be an amazing subject for Instagram!!!" So like a quarter of the Izze has already been consumed. Casual, I know. First, I tried to take one of those low-profile selfies, but the shadow from the trunk of my car wasn't really doing it and well my hand look really awkward. I was just about to give up and drink the rest until I saw this beautiful bush. The only problem with this bush: it comes to maybe my waist. So in the middle of the Whole Foods parking lot, I sat on the ground and took as many pictures as possible to get this perfect shot.  I got a lot of super crazy looks, but hey it was worth it. 

What it looks like: I had a long day wandering aimlessly around the streets of New York City. So instead of a fancy dinner at a restaurant, I opted for a personal pizza and a view of the city from my hotel window.

What actually happened: I actually went to an event in NYC earlier that day and well the event kind of lasted all day. It was only like six o'clock but I was exhausted and craving pizza. I showered and put on one of those fluffy hotel robes and the pizza had arrived -- I ATE THE WHOLE THING. But that still wasn't cutting it for me, a whole pizza later and I was still starving. So not pictured was the herb roasted chicken and French Fries that arrived about thirty minutes later. My parents went out to dinner in the city, but I stayed back stuffing my face and watching a movie on my iPad in bed. Quality last night in the city? I think yes.

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