Shut the front door, today is the first day of August!! While that does mean that the season of layering is upon us, that also means that sweet summertime is coming to a close. I start school in nineteen days, shhh. This upcoming weekend is South Carolina's tax free shopping weekend in order to help prepare for the upcoming school year, I'm super excited to check out Madewell's racks for some great pieces. I hope that you spend these late summer nights frolicking around in pretty, flowy dresses, meeting adorable British guys and digging your toes in the sand -- meanwhile I'll be on my computer buried beneath my sheets. Happy Weekend! 

- This summer I have totally gotten myself back into yoga. I worked out every day this week; however yesterday, I was just wiped. Yoga class was at 8:30 but I just couldn't seem to get myself out of bed. Instead of being lazy and sleeping until noon. Instead, I got my butt out of bed and did some sun salutations and this yoga video outside. This class was killer, the savasana at the end was done in a pool of sweat. 

- I love vests and I mega over wore my hunter green puffer vest from J. Crew last year. They're back, so get them while you can!

- With comes a room reno comes new wall decor. I've been so stumped until I saw this article on The Everygirl. I think I am definitely going to try the empty frames or the mirrors to decorate my wall space. 

- Cute. Video. Puppy. Baby. Need I say more? 

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