Wow, it certainly had been a long time since we have talked. And for my month of absence, I am so sorry. As it is the first day of October today, I realized that I was time for me to let you know where I have been. 

School started. And as you know I started at new school this year, so far I am having lots of fun meeting new people and navigating myself around a school where 4,000 other students study at. 4,000, and its only high school! But as I was getting adjusted to having classes every day and twice the amount of workload, blogging just has not been able to fit into my schedule until now. Crazy right? I missed it so much and I miss interacting with all of you and posting even twice a day!

Other than school, nothing much is happening, literally all of my time has been eaten up doing homework. Some modeling things did happen, like I auditioned and got into Charleston Fashion Week for the third year. I am so excited to see all of my modeling friends again, and I am so thankful for another opportunity to pursue my dream. What else? hmmm … I fell in love with yoga all over again. Because my workout routine also took a major hit with the start of school, yoga on Saturday mornings has really been the only kind of exercise that I can fit in my workload. This you time on Saturday is really what gets me through the week, the thought of having an hour where I can center myself and connect with what I have lost. Deep, I know I know. 

I have made it past one of the most stressful months in my life. September, you presented a lot of challenges, but I am ready to move forward. October, after all, is my birth month. I'm so excited to celebrate and eat lots and lots of cake - my sweet sixteen is on the sixteenth!

Thank you for sticking through this way super annoying month, but trust me things will get better around here. :) 

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  1. Missed you! It is good to understand your priorities. Happy October. Get ready for a new era - being 16 - the world is waiting - attack! GM.


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