Week 1 København

Find of the week: If I feel like going a little bit out of my way for a vegan burger then definitely Papirøen, but if I'm looking for a quick bite between classes then Sonny where I had a super yummy quinoa and mango salad and KOMBUCHA (!!!!!).  

New place I would like to visit: Ok so Copenhagen is without a doubt a foodie town and I want to explore as much of the restaurants as my college girlie budget will allow me to do but some place I do really want to check out is Grød a restaurant dedicated to my favorite food in the world ... oatmeal!

Favorite thing I did this week: My favorite part of Europe is how easy it is to walk from one place to another. Thursday after class I took myself on a date and got a scoop of peach ice cream and walked around the high end Nordic furniture shops and swanky designers. I oogled at all of the things I couldn't afford on the Rodeo Drive equivalent of Copenhagen then walked all the way back to my apartment. Basically in total this was a 16000 step adventure and I am really loving getting my exercise by walking.

Important discovery: (pardon my French) Shit. College is going to be hard. Day two and I already have so much work to do. But if you look at the photograph below the uni here is quite nice on the eyes. 

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