Two Thousand Eighteen

The most incredible sunset in Sorrento, Italy in October. This was the single most beautiful phenomena of nature that I witnessed the whole year and is by far one of my favorite (iPhone!) photos I have ever taken.

Fear not, my intentions for two thousand eighteen are written down in my journal. Under normal circumstances I would consider myself to be a realist, but when it comes to this new year I am very optimistic. 2017 was without a doubt the most difficult year of my life but at the same time it was also the best year of my life. On top of that how satisfying was it that the very first day of 2018 was on a Monday and tonight is a full moon. If that isn't a sign of a fresh start I don't know what is. Here is what I am working with in this upcoming year ... sparing you the explanation and the background info.

do all things with love

see new places

meet new people

all we have is this moment

read more

less screen time

stronger: physically

stronger: mentally

learn more

volunteer more

let go

drink more water

find more music

actually reply to text messages

journal more

dream more

love more

And lastly, through some reading I stumbled across this manifesto which I will be translating into my mentality for the new year:

cheers to 2018. may it be the most beautiful, successful, loving and adventurous year yet. 


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