A Meditative Monday

Hello Lovelies!

Today I have been doing a lot of pondering of what I should be posting on the blog today. I feel as if though y'all do not know me that well. Today is going to be a bit of a more personal post and I hope to do more to connect with you readers of "A Southern Life". 

So get to know me better:

My name is Kira.
My most favorite color in the world is Lilly Pulitzer prints. (that counts right? hehe) 

I have lived in the south my entire life, and I have no plans on moving north any time soon. 

I have a little Yorkshire Terrier that weighs four pounds. Her name is Lucy.

At school, I am a straight A student.

I am a huge fitness freak, in fact the majority of the accounts on Instagram I am following are fitness 
(and preppy) accounts. 

I love to travel.

My favorite foods are green juices and ice cream and bread. 

Watermelon is seriously the best fruit ever. 

So now I will leave (actually to go workout), but I made this little picture to show you guys what quote I live my life on. Every  time I read it I feel empowered to just life my life, not caring if I'm different. Every single human is different and we should all embrace that. 

Email me at apairofchicpearls@gmail.com if you have any questions, need motivation in life, or have a suggestion on what to post next. 

Remember, Cathie and I are blogging everyday! 

Love y'all, Kira 

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