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Before I start I would like to tell you that I am completely and utterly confident in my own skin. I use makeup just to enhance my natural beauty, not to hide it, or use makeup as a mask. And sometimes, I even leave the house without it on. I think that makeup is an art form that only a few people will master.

I think of makeup kind of like a necklace. I would not want both to be statements. If one day I decide to go with a bold red lip, then my necklace will be simple, and vise versa. I am still young, and natural makeup looks are the best way to go, but I am old enough to experiment with different colors for different times of day and different seasons.

Fall is my favorite time to experiment with makeup, the fresh dark colors are just so eye-catching.

FACE // It depends on the morning how much makeup I apply to my face, but I always put a bit of concealer under my eyes and on my problem areas to make my face look brighter and more alive. And if I stay up late or am just feeling like more coverage that day, I love Clinique Even Better Foundation it is super light and it makes my complexion better. And to top all of this off I use just a swipe of powder.

EYES // I love my eyes. They are my favorite feature. I am the only person in my family to have blue eyes so I embrace them very much. But at 6:00 in the morning they just look tired. I just apply the littlest bit of mascara to my top lashes to make my eyes look wide awake. 

LIPS // Normally lip conditioner is how I roll in the mornings, but some mornings I like to experiment with the tiniest bit of color to my lips. There is no reason besides it is super super fun and different. For the fall I love using warm colors. 
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I am so proud of my frequent blog uploads, I hope you are enjoying them!! 

xx, Kira 

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