Morning Routine

Hello Loves,

I really dislike waking up in the morning and aimlessly wandering from my warm bed. I like to be very anal about my routine in the mornings. I was so inspired by my friend Sydney to do a morning routine, I thought it would be just so much fun. 

Waking Up // I allow myself to wake up at 6:00 sharp ... that is enough time to hit the snooze button until 6:05. And I tend to stretch and slowly roll out of bed at 6:10.

Applying Makeup // Before I apply my makeup; if I'm flat ironing my hair, that day I plug it in. Every morning I put on brightening concealer, loose powder, and a bit of mascara to make my eyes look refreshed. (Makeup routine coming soon!!) This takes from 6:15-6:25.

Doing my hair // From 6:25-6:40 I do my hair. I'll do a post later showing my favorite ways to do my hair. 

Final Outfit Preparations // And from 6:40-7:00 I put on my outfit and jewelry and a splash of perfume. 

Breakfast and Tea // I like to eat breakfast and drink tea from 7:00-7:15. I have an extra five minutes because if you saw my last post, I pack my lunch the night before. I can relax, prepare my mind for the day, and catch up on the current events in the newspaper. 

Cram time // 7:15-7:20 is cram time!!!! I brush my teeth while getting my final bag packed for school. I check my planner one last time and head out the door. I am a good multitasker. 

Have a beautiful weekend my loves, see you Monday! 

xx, Kira 

PS. I am doing a disconnect until October 16 aka my birthday. Please join me as I not check any of my social networking or randomly browsing the internet. I am only blogging and tweeting for my blog. I look to find little things in life besides the internet. Email me or leave a comment if you decide to join in with me!!

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